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  1. I think the white ones look better for better contrast with all the beige walls, while the 'new' ones used on the market just look too much like leather or something (they don't look like cloth) and are almost exactly the same color as the walls, offering less contrast. Just my opinion. Do with it as you will.
  2. Also, any change in settings by the host should be shown to everyone in the room as a chat notification, and also "unready" anyone who has readied when there is a change.
  3. Most of our developers use Windows 7 or 8. So, there aren't many (or any) compatibility issues specific to Windows 8.
  4. One thing I would suggest is to make the market use the same cloth textures as the other buildings in the set, just for visual consistency. Or at least use them as variations.
  5. Yeah. This, from 2004-05: Compared to this, from last year:
  6. k, great. Would you like to become an "official" part of the team or just remain a "contributor"? Becoming an "official" team member gives you access to our super secret discussions and brawls and backstabbings behind the scenes and allows you a voice in the discussions, but considering your help might not be needed very often you might just want to remain a contributor. Up to you how "involved" you'd like to be.
  7. That's a pretty good idea. I might implement something like that for the main website (play0ad.com). In the meantime, check out our moddb profile here: http://www.moddb.com/games/0-ad/images/celtic-onslaught#imagebox Scroll left in the image bar and you'll see a progression of screenshots.
  8. I really enjoyed your voice overs. (I found your pronunciation of the word "corral" to be odd, but maybe that is how Brits pronounce it? It's a minor quibble, regardless.) How long or how much do you think you'll be available? I ask, because sometimes there will be very long stretches of time when we do not need you, and then we might need your services a bunch right before an alpha release. Is this kind of "punctuated" schedule okay with you? It's the same with our video editor BrynnOfCastlegate, whose services are top notch and valuable, but nonetheless often only needed every 2-3 months. I couldn't imagine requiring any more than 2 or 4 hours of your time when the time comes, since we'd only have you make your recordings once the text for the videos are finalized.
  9. Currently in SVN only ranged infantry add firepower to ships. I also just now changed it so that it is now the same for towers and fortresses. We can see how that works out.
  10. We prefer to iterate. Meaning, as long as a feature is written in a way that is extensible in the future, it is okay to commit that feature even if it is not currently working in a way that is 100% ideal.
  11. I'd rather just have the Macedonians represent the Macedonian army of Alexander's time.
  12. Check your private messages. lol (I see you logged in yesterday but haven't viewed my message to you.)
  13. I could see maybe a tech that makes a one-time purchase of war elephants.
  14. "Resize map" should definitely be extended to allow manual input (as well as default sizes), and then also choose the "origin point" for the resize. Right now, it is the bottom left corner, which is not good for all cases, so it should be possible to be able to choose any corner or 'center' as an option.
  15. If you could, could you list the battles where the Macedonians (not the Seleucids or Ptolemies or Pergamenes or Epirotes) used elephants? Just for my own curiosity.
  16. The Seleucids are their own civ and get access to War Elephants.
  17. Walls can already be built in shallows, and Carthage's walls are already very strong. I am not sure how we could implement "sea walls" in a proper way without allowing players to wall off sections of ocean, which would of course be silly.
  18. Both of you guys are way off base here. I have already agreed that the Cretan Archer instead of the Nubian Archer is a done deal. And there is nothing so far to indicate that the Egyptians will not be an economic powerhouse (they will be). I also challenge you to tell me why a mercenary camp for the Ptolemies is a false thing, given their propensity for hiring mercenaries.
  19. Maybe a "reform" tech for the Macedonians could be called "Amphipolis Decree" instead, which is an actual thing late in the Macedonian kingdom. Though, I don't think the Macedonians ever actually used elephants in battle.
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