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    It seems SMAA implementation is available under liberal license (this is official repo from developers of this method) It's performed in three passes (edge detection pass, blending weights pass and neighborhood blending pass) and uses a number of precomputed textures (this texture and scripts in Python are also available) Here is another repository with demo of SMAA using OpenGL As for execution times here is citation from the paper: I'm trying to integrate this shader into the game now
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    Penalty? Walls in 0 A.D. take far too long to construct in most situations, and compared to most walls such as in Age of Kings in which they cost 2 wood for palisades and 5 stone for a stone wall. Compared to these rates coupled with the fact that there are very few chokepoints in 0 A.D. games means that walls are impractical. Age of Mythology priced them at 3 gold. Surely the walls could be more inexpensive in 0 A.D.
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    The only issue with this proposal is that it could detract from the historical flavour of the heroes.
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    [img center]http://www.wildfiregames.com/images/ken.jpg[/img center] It is with great sadness that I bring news that our close friend, head of the 0 A.D. design department and co-lead designer of 0 A.D. has passed away after a long fight with cancer. I had the honor of getting to work with Ken over the years through the design process of the game. This includes nearly seven hundred emails, thousands of forum posts, and even a few phone calls. He was so instrumental in the first few steps we made on this crazy journey. The fact of the matter is that without his support, insight, and overwhelming amount of time and energy he contributed to this project, you would not be reading this because the game as we know it wouldn’t exist. Ken poured so much of his personal passion into this game. I wish I could have given him the final copy of 0 A.D. before he left us. I know many of you didn’t know him, but I will carry him in my heart for the rest of my life. We here at WFG offer our deepest sympathies for the Wood family and thank you so much for sharing him with us these last few years. He taught us so much, and had such a big heart - not just for the game but for all the people he was in contact with here. For the team, I’d like to refresh you with some more of that ever present support, here is Ken in his own words: If you would like to read more about Ken, we have his profile HERE – and an interview HERE. If you would like to leave a note for his family, I encourage you to do so HERE. We are going to miss you Ken.
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    That could be solved by using the "ability" system and adding a variable for number of possible uses. For infinite uses you set the number to -1, and other units could have the ability to add X more uses to the ability Y of the specific unit Z. I think the problem lies not with how it should be implemented, but in who is going to get their hands dirty. Once it's done, one could easily test it to see which way would fit best.
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    Make walls less expensive (or add tech to make them cheaper) and add some feature to make building them easier. 1. Walls (and other building) can be place over straggler trees (add flag to tree template). 2. Builders automatically spread out to the length of the wall to build it instead of starting from only one end.
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    I think cavalry archers should be more expensive, they are too efficient in the early game as they are very hard to counter except with more cavalry archers. Perhaps a tech to reduce their range until the town phase? Another thing is walls and palisades, which are imo waaay too expensive, given their limitations: cannot stop LOS, cannot stop arrows, need to be built in territory. Since we also cannot build towers close to each other, it is very difficult to efficiently protect a dropsite or close an area off in the early game. And building a small palisade wall costs a TON of wood. Actual walls are probably too expensive too, but I never tried them. Another possibility would be to allow placing wall foundations out of territory, but only allow building if they are in territory, and make walls expand territory. So you could actually build a wall beyond your territory, but it would rightfully be somewhat expensive (though walls are imo still too expensive).
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    For OpenSUSE you need to do some special things see:http://play0ad.com/download/linux/#OpenSUSE Also, you can try and install the dependencies manually. There is a list somewhere at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions. Another thing is building the game from source see: http://play0ad.com/download/source/ Hope this helps a bit....
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    I needed to record some slinging for a few classes of mine and thought I'd share just in case our animators would like to give the slingers new animations. It really is a lot of fun, though I wouldn't have someone standing as close as my cameraman Colin if you're just learning.
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