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    • Recently I've mandate files maps ( Maps than I created in editor ) to an my friend but he doesn't know where insert them in his MAC. Could you send me the file path?
    • Yes it it is on purpose. The feature to change between 'variants' is currently missing. Skirmish entities are special entities that get replaced at the map load by those of the player civilizations. If the civ is not the iberians, the walls are removed. Because @LordGood never made a gate for them. The reason doors are missing on wall towers is that there is no way to align them with wall pieces. The reason you were not able to garrison units in them is that only specific (mostly infantry ranged) units can get in.
    • Hello Stan, some small questions. I made my screenshots from houses and found in the list, that i have to jump  above or below and then selecting the entry "house" again, to find more than one. Is this on purpose and, if so, where described? What do iber_wall_xy under skirmish / structures /?  Why is structures / cart_s_wall_gate a wooden gate, like under other / palisades_rock_gate? The doors are missing on many towers. How do you get in? default_wall_tower, athen, mace, spart,     available iber, brit, carts, cart, gaul, iber, kush,  maur, pers, ptol, rome_siege, rome, sele,                              not available Is the lack of doors the reason why I couldn't populate the towers while playing? At least I got the impression. greetings Andreas  
    • Buenos dibujos.  A ver si con tus conocimientos podamos hacer más históricamente correctos a las civilizaciones mesoamericanas The development of the mod is still active, but I old pc is down now But I have all my files save in a sd card
    • Let's assume unit A has an attack which inflicts 3 damage in 1 second, and unit B has an attack which inflicts 15 damage in 5 seconds. In 0 A.D. both attacks are equivalent, regardless of the target. That's not the case in the Age of Empires, however: against a target with 2 armour, A would inflict 60/1×(3-2)=60 damage per minute, B 60/5×(15-2)=156 damage per minute. Why would anyone want to have such a system?
    • Hello! Created this map about the first period of Rome: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvimfu6m86fwvoz/Roma.pmp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cfjs92n6rrbi49b/Roma.xml?dl=0 Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mbg6jjkox2ukqzi/AABwLPqu-epPvuLpv4ZTXi8ra?dl=0 The plot is really simple, there are 4 faction, blue is Veio, red is Rome, green is Fideane, yellow is Latin tribes. the Latin and Etruscan of these time: (VIII BC) were at the beginning of the Orientalizing period, so to show ancient Etruscan and Latin i use britain civilization because their building were made of wood like villanovian people, and they used either war chariot like archaic latin and Etruscan. I hope that you will like it and if you want to play with me in these map you are welcome!
    • They nuke some safety checks
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