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    • Oh I thought the re was something like this possible in the actors:   <variant frequency="1" name="tech-hellenes/gold_shields"> <textures> <texture file="props/shield/gold.png" name="baseTex"/> <texture file="props/shield/gold_norm.png" name="normTex"/> <texture file="props/shield/gold_spec.png" name="specTex"/> </textures> </variant>
      It detects that the technology hellenes/gold_shields.json has been researched and then changes the texture. I thought this was implemented but maybe I am misremember.
    • I don't really get what you want to do. Perhaps you think at something like #3983 but listening to techs (instead of health variations) ?
    • Thanks fatherbushido, but I already knew that one. That is actor switching on tech/json side. I thought maybe there was code in the actors themself that recognize techs are being research, inside the actor xml as a variation. Was this implemented or just maybe I saw it was a Trac ticket and my memory got confused.
    • So, I have made a successful test of scythian Civic Center converting to a mobile cart, then the cart converting back to Civic Center.  More experimenting to come.
    • Yes it is. Use the replace (instead of add or multiply) operation for the value: VisualActor/Actor For example: "modifications": [{ "value": "VisualActor/Actor", "replace": "units/athenians/champion_unit_marine.xml" }] Currently it is not used in the main game afaics but it works pretty well.
    • 1. Resizing the GUI might be harder, but at least changing text sizes is likely to come later. Right now it's not a reasonable option though as text is rendered into images and thus we would have to render out a new set of images for each size of text we want to support. Hopefully we are able to implement using actual font files, which would make it a lot easier to allow for changing text related settings. 2. For now you have to do it via a text file, see for more information. If there is no hotkey set for a feature in that file it means that there is no way (yet) to set a hotkey to do that action. 3. It is something we would like to have, but it is complicated to implement so we will have to see what we are able to do.