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    • Shocking discovery: the Gymnasion doesn't have an "occupied" flag. When it gets one of course it would be cool if it showed the banner of the current owner, not the original builder.
    • Malvinas Island were under the control of the Argentine Confederation after the independence of Spain until the British invaded and occupy it by force.  This is the official map of the Argentine continental shelf approved by the United Nations, as a result of the 1995 Convention on the Law of the Sea. The main argument of the British for not even sitting down to negotiate with Argentina is the self-determination of the people. In international politics it is very important to be consistent with certain basic principles to which one adheres. Unless, of course, you're a military superpower. In that case seems like you do whatever you want. For this sets a precedent for the future. For example, in our case, we do not adhere to the principle of self-determination precisely because of the Malvinas issue. In 2022, the United Nations Decolonization Committee again considered the issue of the Malvinas Islands as "a case of colonization" that must be resolved through dialogue. Same applys to many many countrys. Can get your point here.  I agree it's not the same by far. But still don't understand. What's would be the difference if Scotland would like to rule as a monarchy or whatever and not join EU/NATO?. I notice that here you hint at a certain value judgment about different political systems and alignments with different countries/military alliances. The whole point was double standard to defend self-determination in one case and not to apply it in the other case. About the donbass, many details, and endless discussion. But I can agree with you at some point. A typical argument in which democratic countries should not answer for the actions of their companies as if they were only matter of individuals. Governments can influence their companies' decisions through regulations, agreements and sanctions. And it is not true that Western democratic countries do not carry out this type of agreement with their big companies. Only weak governments of the underdeveloped countrys do not have the power to manage it. This is not the case in Japan, nor in England. And also, in the case of Malvinas, they operate in the maritime extension that is projected from the Islands, so from the British point of view it is territory under their control. In that case there is less excuse since it is their own competence to regulate the illegal and indiscriminate fishing carried out by their companies. This is like the example of the British Raj in India and someone saying that "one thing was the company and another the British monarchy" and that the government could control "to some extent" the atrocities committed in Indian territory. It was a territory colonized by the British. Are they going to take responsability of something or just look the other way?  
    • Unfortunately the script code has already been published so anyone can access it and use it for better or worse. It would be good, at some point, to be able to create a patch on further releases that prevents certain information from being accessed only by the corresponding clients and not by everyone in the game. Btw, you don't even need this script. U can get same info with tail command under linux or similar software under windows
    • Random question: I was told that people can somehow install cheats. I know for option in lobby, but can they do it without that option? How can I prevent that?
    • If the script can do this it needs to be changed to not do this.
    • yes and to raise awareness of what its capable of
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