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    • Wow, this is just what I dreamed of when I started City Building mod but didn't have enough knowledge of the code. Rise of Nations is also one of my favorite RTS, and I can definitely feel that Rise of Nations/Civilization meets AoE2 vibe here, especially in civil center concept. I'm still getting the hang of manpower vs population concept, but so far this is so interesting that I might make a City Building addon for Mare Nostrum mod in the future. However I noticed that commoners do not immediately gather after finishing building a dropsite structure. In Empire Ascendant, citizens tasked with building Farmstead near berry bushes for example, will automatically gather berries after the Farmstead constructed. Is this intended? I took a glance at the mod and found no modification to UnitAI.js so not sure where the behavior started. I also found template error on Mauryan barracks, something related to Infantry champion. Oh and a side note, I suggested siege towers to capture walls some weeks ago, and turns out it is not historical at all (they only capture buildings in Middle Ages) Other than that, I'm very thankful for this mod, and I'm excited to see what other features it will offer in the future. Good luck, @hopeless-ponderer!
    • binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/Formation.js binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/FormationAttack.js  
    • I have also seen units running after a fleeing opponent, if I recall correctly
    • In A25 units run in order to stay in formation. Sometimes they will sprint out of formation to chase down 1 enemy unit, then return to the formation once the enemy is dead. 
    • The run when in fear.
    • I think formation could use a rework. If someone introduces me to the code, I'd like to try something. To be clear, running to join formation is not the problem, for AoE-style formations (like we have, more or less), I agree is kinda necessary, otherwise formations would feel very sluggish as you said.
    • I seen this happen in other situations since long ago (alpha 23). IRRC, this is some weird bug where the object is in "between" both territories lines or something similar (how the code bugs might be diferent), basically what you see in the game are "fake territories lines" but internally is computed as squares where each one has an player ownership, seems this one has none or is computed in a way that i gives ownership points to gaia then to enemy, thus you losing them. This also can happen even if the other player is an ally too (:D)
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