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    • Sadly the tutorial is only for Blender. But if I rig the model from scratch with 3DS Max with Biped and put animation on it. 3DS Max don't have action editor(Blender). I can export models with animation inside them but they will be inside the mesh not separate. Example Freedom Force with nif and keyframes.
    • @Stan` I believe there are some tutorials made by you and @LordGood.
    • if Athen hero nerferd givechange existing useless ones too.. This is blind action, other civs having all 3 herous very OP.... Athens does need also boosting these heroes.. the only problem players is having is "bad strategy" if they would target this hero Athens are already loser for rest of the game   I simply dont agree with such change.  or maybe make healers cheaper only for Athens like 150 food   :---) to try protect hero      I already noticed few  players having mods to target hero .... maybe you should put this as feature too.. and maybe make hero never stay in building to get eco/war bonuses... so if hero in building he would lose this abilities (expect giving capture protection)... 
    • I think it is a self-evident truth. Would be like saying "if you have to do the impossible to achieve something, you can't"; or "you can achieve only what's in your range".  The point is that what falls inside the group of the achievable things change following your skill/abilities/knowledge, so technically with endurance and patience a prior beyond-our-limits-thing can eventually be achieved with no overextension. Because our limits are defined by our "power", and our "power" is not fixed. I think this was missing in your interpretation, but it's crucial in order to preserve the dynamic of how our range of possibilities changes. To just say "don't try hard" could be taken as a general excuse to give up on difficult achievement, which is offensive to ourselves. Also, I don't think Laozi was proposing that kind of passivity, which really looks more like resignation (a thing that I often felt from your thoughts). Surely he was more oriented to push the reader into the typical eremitic/ascetic kind of life, avoiding the circle of desires and passions. So avoiding to overextend should mean to live a simple and virtuous life, freeing you of all the egoistic desires etc. Which is a thing shared by most of the traditional spiritual doctrines and that I agree with.  So nothing to do with our every day conduct and our every day problems, all such things are simply considered useless and dangerous. I would've agreed with: So don't try hard, 'cause if you have to try hard to succeed you have already lost. All that requires overextension is just a desire that comes from the slavery of your soul: live your life virtuously and simply, achieving things won't give you happiness, there's nothing to be reached, even kill the focking Buddha if you meet him on the streets etc. etc. 'cause happiness is renouncing to this tension towards anything you don't already have. I think this could be a more correct interpretation of the quote.  
    • We have some merge requests: Nerf heroes Iphicrates and Ptolemy Move tier 2 blacksmith technologies to Town Phase Rebalance healers by making them cheaper I would like some more opinion before potentially merging these, though they all seem like good examples of things we could do in the mod. Edit: Also, just as a reminder, anything that is merged can also be removed, the idea is to try some things out as well.
    • Maybe you should rename this mod to PATCH 26.01, for example.
    • As Stan said, the idea is that you use gitlab directly. Just make a Merge Request, you can do this online via the web editor or using git or using the gitlab app (I think). As for 'What standards are used to determine if a mod is suitable?', the idea is that the community will self-manage, but so far only the 0 A.D. teams are maintainers so we would merge things. Ideally people will react to changes here or on gitlab directly. At the moment, I'll probably merge simple changes that are widely agreed upon, as for A27 essentially.
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