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ASDF File Transfer Utility

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So the new version of messenger has you down because it doesn't allow you send many of the common file types. Whenever you attempt to send such a file, the person you are sending it to appears to cancel it because their MSN Messenger does not accept certain file types. Sound familiar? Extremely irritating, yes. How you fix it, simple, rename the file but that is a waste of time every time you need to send a file as well as a hassle.

To fix this i made a program. It renames the files automatically once you have received them and it renames files so that you can send them as well.

Simply right click the file, navigate to Send To, and then click ASDF Transfer Utilty. A half second later a new file appears in the same location with a .asdf extension added to it. YAY, that was easy and not time consuming. Plus you didn't have to say yes to that retarded Windows, "Are you sure you want to rename this file because doing so could be bad blah blah....." Now all you have to do is drag and drop the newly named file onto the message window.

Receiving files is just as easy. When installed, the program associates all .asdf file extensions with itself. All you have to do to rename an .asdf file that someone just sent you is double click it. It is then instantly renamed back to its original extension and you simply double click the newly renamed file as you normally would.

Sound yummy? I hope it does. It also has a GUI that you can access from the start menu and quick launch toolbar. The GUI opens and allows you to drop one file at a time onto it. It then copies the file and renames it in its original directory. The original is left in tact and is not modified. A new file with an .asdf extension is created in the same directory though.

Same thing goes for receiving files. If you want, you can access an Open File GUI by going into the start menu and by clicking ASDF Receive. An Open File dialogue opens (Default open directory in My Received of course :rock:) and you may select the file with the .asdf extension to rename.


ASDF Send is used to rename files to .asdf extension so you can send the file to your contacts.

ASDF Receive is used to rename .asdf files back to their original extension once you have received the file from one of your contacts.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as i enjoy it. It makes my file sending and receiving experience much easier. Report any bugs here and I will fix them ASAP. Please take a look at it. Thx

Brian :)

http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/megas...edirection3.htm (Comes the help file and .exe installer. 633KB v1.1)

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See, i knew you guys would like it. Please take a look at this guys. I spent a while writing up the documentation and i really think you will find it useful and enjoy it. Chris(Lorian), Desmond(King Tutankhamen), and Bobby(CheeZy) liked it. I think you will too. Please check it out. I feel like having this thread moved to General Chat or fun and games because it isn't a technical article and i feel that some people don't even bother coming in here because they are intimidated.

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Or, to be more precise: www.trillian.cc :)

I have to admit that I got addicted to Trillian during the three years I've been using it now - when I recently tried other messengers (mainly due to needing a good messenger for Linux), I found them all very annoying and difficult to use - not to mention that they were missing features like Metacontacts, good logging, customizable user interface and clean skins, which have been around with Trillian for a very long time. In fact, Trillian is IMO one of the best windows applications out there :rock:

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I see your point because i have trillian too, however, the best messenger for the MSN Messenger network is still MSN Messenger. It is newer in design and with the MSN Messenger Plus plugin, it has to be the most powerful messenger program out there. The Plus program can be found at:


Detailed info about what the Messenger Plus plugin does can be found here:


It has cool features added to it like Boss Protection(hit a specified hotkey and messenger disapears :rock:), auto accept feature(automatically accepts files from specified contacts while you are afk), Enhanced Notifications, Custom Sound send feature(allows you to send 10 second audio clips to people on messenger with the click of a button), and POP3-Email association. It is free but comes with an optional sponser program. Just say don't install the sponser program when you install it.

Edited by Brian
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Sorry to be picky about this, but...

auto accept feature

Has been in Trillian since 1.0.

Enhanced Notifications

Custom, scriptable notifications are available in Trillian (I think even in the basic version).

Custom Sound send feature

Trillian Pro EmotiBlips.

POP3-Email association

Integrated with Trillian by default, customizable by plugin.

So I guess I'll stay with Trillian, but of course, this is just a matter of personal preference :rock:

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I guess i could do that, but it would be very difficult to do especially with all the firewalls/routers and other security measures people have these days. Windows Messenger file transfer didn't even work for me because i had a router but they fixed that with the newer MSN Messenger. Plus I am new to programming and messing with an internet protocol would be difficult to me. I made this utility to improve the functionality of the MSN Messenger file transfer.

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FileZilla is open source, AFAIK.

I think there are open source FTP servers - though most of them are not for windows. The online windows one I know is WarFTPd and that one is not open-source. But I'm sure there are others :rock:

As far as I know, FTP ought to work through routers/firewalls on the client side if you use passive mode, but the server side needs to have Port 21 forwarded.

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I tried to set my computer up as an FTP server but failure only occured. I tried several times but to no avail. I had port 21 forwarded and computers could connect to my FTP server. The only problem is they didn't get a response. So it looks like the computers can send messages to the server but the server can't send messages back to the clients once the connecting computers connect because they seem to time out. I checked i and i know that the FTP servers use port 21 for incoming and 20 for outgoing usually. Maybe my router is being retarded. I tried some passive modes too by setting the IP of my router into the passive field but that also didn't work. I don't know. Maybe i just can't create a server. I am using Cerberus FTP server.

Edited by Brian
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Is that open source? I like Filezilla myself, it is a great program, I just dunno about an FTP server...


As the text on the page sais:

"FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface."

dunno how to use the server though. But IIRC XAMPP had something called Filezilla server, you might want to look into that:


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