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  1. It's ok, server runs on some really crappy code though. Lots of people and features make it a pretty good site overall. http://www.myspace.com/ryancerniglia
  2. Homework! Nothing like chemical bonds, lewis structures, and molecular shapes!
  3. I'd like to point out how few people could tell the difference.
  4. Adblock plugin - works wonders against annoying flash ads The site works in Firefox 1.0.7 on Windows XP Home SP2
  5. I don't know if I can help you for sure Paal 101, but perhaps it's on the offical soundtrack? It's a good place to start looking 1. Alexandre Azaria - Naughty Girl 2. The Servant - Cells 3. Amen Birdmen - Icarus 4. Sin --Oomph Remix - Painful Morphium Mix 5. Alexandre Azaria - Main Theme 6. The Strays - Life Support 7. The Servant - Body 8. Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves 9. Alexandre Azaria - Kendo 10. Anggun - Saviour 11. Kate Nauta - Revolution 12. Mylo - Paris Four Hundred 13. Shakedown - Can You Handle It? (
  6. I'd think that the first 3D movies would be adaptations of 3D computer animation. Personally, I think that since 2D shows are easier to make and easier to view, they'll stay as the majority. Of course, some big shift in technology will happen, and I'll look like an idiot :x
  7. cut back to "Member of the Quarter"? Doesn't have the same ring to it as Member of the Month though...
  8. AFAIK, this isn't "planet X", but another body in our solar system. I honestly don't think that we know with exact certainty that this orbits the sun - could be something else passing by?
  9. it would be great if it was also packaged into an ISO for giving to friends or to dial-up/no interwebs computers
  10. i meant between people - direct one peer to one peer as far as i know, ftp is client/server
  11. how about a program/protocol (open source, of course!) that *just* transfers files?
  12. I believe you can only have one "sh*t" or "fv*k" and have a movie PG-13
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