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Lorian revealed!

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I was just playing around with my camera, when I had an idea. It has an option for "coupling". This means you take the same picture twice, one over the other, it is meant for getting yourself in the photo while the other person holds the camera, but they get in the picture as well, when you hold the camera. Anyway, I decided to stick the cam on my tripod and put the timer on. So I made myself an identical twin! It actually works really well, even the feet cross! Please excuse my messy bedroom :)


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Nice.  You have easy access to the attic, I see?  Is your computer in there anywhere?

Well it's kinda my bedroom, so, yes, easy access to the attik Lol. My computer is not in there, it is downstairs, unfortunately (y)

Yea, neat job of putting the pics together.

Leme guess, you have Lil Jon: Crunk Juice playing on your stereo? :P

:) Never heard of it...

you looked somehwat like I thought.

nice camera trick

Thank you :)

Wow, alot of people are being revealed these days. :) You look alot what I thought you would look like. Nice room. Is it hot in the summer?

If I forget to open the window it gets very hot in there, opening the window doesn't really help that much anyway.

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Wow, alot of people are being revealed these days.

I plan to take a picture of me on September (or sometimes before or after). I have neither a camera nor a scanner to scan a picture. The only one i have online dates back 5 years ago, when I was 15 years old.

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