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Suggestions for English source strings

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I ran languagetool over the English source text in Transifex and it came up with some errors.

Most are easily fixable just by using the search function in the source files.

  • Use of serial comma is inconsistent. Sometimes, there is a comma before "and", sometimes not.
  • The minus sign is often an en-dash or a different dash that is too long. Also, the minus sign is often used where a dash should be put (between sentence parts).
  • In proper names with adjectives like "Ancient Greece", both the adjective and the noun should be capitalized (this is often not the case): other examples
    • Ancient Egypt
    • English Channel
    • Rubicon River
    • Italian Peninsula
    • Central Asia
    • Indus River
  • Many compound words are written with a space instead of a hyphen. All examples below require a hyphen
    • well equipped
    • full grown
    • well balanced
    • cost effective
    • well trained
    • decision making
    • chock full
    • up to date only (when used as an adjective)
  • This list was created keeping in mind that the source language is US-English. The following US-GB-English specifics came up:
    • center vs. centre
    • unauthorized vs. unauthorised
    • civilisation vs civilization 
    • many derived forms of verbs need a double consonant in British English, but do not in US-English: worship-worship(p)ing, label-label(l)ed, travel etc.
  • Usage of quotation marks is inconsistent. "example" vs. “example” (I prefer the latter)
  • Antialiasing should be written with a hypen
  • Therefore and moreover require a comma afterwards

Disclaimer: These are just suggestions. I'm not native in English and I might be wrong about some of them... I also found a few singular errors that I reported directly in Transifex.

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4 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Wasn't it Nescio who introduced the em dash? I don't understand why the longer em dash is used for stats, where an en dash (minus symbol) should be used in stats (e.g negative twenty percent speed).

Cause apparently it's the correct one see 


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I am a big fan of the minus key, but someone in the past must have thought that ancient history needs something fancier...

Patches are coming up. Who should I put as reviewers? Just Stan or other people, too? Maybe an English native speaker?

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