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Who will you play first


Which civ in 0 AD will you play first?  

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  1. 1. Which civ in 0 AD will you play first?

    • Carthaginians
    • Celts
    • Hellenes
    • Iberians
    • Persians
    • Romans

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Hellenes for the first time.

Romans for the most other times.

It would be fine to manage the phalanx or even hoplites. I know about nothing of the gameplay of 0AD (but what is written here around), but i like the idea to manage an army for wich the right placement and management makes the most of the difference between victory and defeat... more then making 1000 troops asap

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They have celts in AoK

Yeah, but by the Dark Ages/Medieval Ages, the Celts were already pretty much a spent force. AOK Celts are really the Britanni, Picts, Irish, and other celtic groups whose culture survived on the British Isles and NW France. Not that I didn't appreciate their appearance, but I really did miss out on punishing those invading roman legions with a more classic celtic force. One can only have so much fun kicking British arses outta the Scottish highlands :banana:

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