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How has Everybody Been

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I know I have not been around, but now I have got my Uber ADSL connection I will begin my daily spam runs again (lol). Is it nearly time for scn designers like myself to join into the development?

Well, I have been off severely busy, I have started a few new companies (which I better not mention, by memory there is a non advertizing rule) and am now planning on bringing back something we all used to love, but died off as of late.

Well, gues im just welcoming myself back for the 480th Time,

Most of you probbaly dont know good old Larikan Alex anymore,

So hi to those that dont.

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Oh well, ok then guys, lets see, what has Alex been busy with?

Exize Hosting - http://www.exize.com (my website hosting company, around 1 year old now :) ) (and yes, I hsot a few WFG'ers)

FragAMania Gameservers - http://www.gameservers.com (started this around 3 weeks ago and already got a good strong client base)

I also, as many of you know, runa privatised firm (I will make a public website soon), that deals with Programming, Website Design, Outsourced Technical Support, Company Technical Support, Dedicated Servers, Server Management etc, we mainly deal with companies direct.

Also just the normal stuff, Tennis Coach, am now in the Fire brigade, been keeping busy.

As for the site I am bringing back, I am still negotating a price, no need to create a hype over nothing.

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