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[Design] "Defensive building capture and repair".

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Some siege ideas, and battle ideas, concerning defense and capture.


This idea comes from capturing but it's taken to another level.

The idea is, some buildings must have a requirement before been captured ( or process to start capturing.

The idea is "a building is captureable if you you fill some condition to do".

For example with defensive towers, can be capturable only if certain HP is reduced to specific (%).

this would apply to Fortress.

The second is consequences of this.

In this case certain structures should be slower to repair. Defensive buildings only.


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19 分钟前,Lion.Kanzen 说:





这个想法是, 一些建筑物 在被捕获之前必须有一个要求(或开始捕获的过程。


例如防御塔,只有在某些 HP 降低到特定 (%) 时才能捕获。



在这种情况下,某些结构的修复速度应该较慢。 仅限防御建筑。


I suggest that all "armed" buildings need certain conditions to resist occupation, including barracks, stables, and CCs, because once these buildings are captured, they will be used by the enemy immediately, causing great danger to the original owner, so it must be guaranteed These structures cannot be "complete" when they fall into enemy hands.

I suggest that buildings can only be captured when their HP is lower than 25%. At the same time, buildings with HP lower than 25% cannot be garrisoned, so that if the player who captures a building is defeated later, he will also quickly lose the building he just acquired.

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This question should be discussed in conjunction with this topic, first of all we should give soldiers the ability to fully destroy buildings without relying on siege machinery, whether this ability is with torches, pickaxes, sledgehammers, axes.

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Military buildings should only be capturable below 50% health, maybe soldiers should attack rather than capture by default, and you should not be able to delete buildings (at least recently captured ones). Citizens should have a dismantle order where they harvest the resources of a building.

There should be an axeman unit with more attack against buildings, an upgrade that gives spearmen a bonus against buildings, maybe an upgrade giving someone a torch ability and/or fire arrows for archers.

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