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"Arson" attacks should be added to cavalry and infantry.


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As in Age of Empires 3 and 4, units don't have to choose between capturing buildings and inflicting insignificant damage to them with the weapons in their hands, but should use torches to burn buildings and ships. Archers (excluding cavalry, chariot or elephant archers) can fire flaming arrows to gain an advantage over other soldiers in burning buildings and ships from greater distances.
And buildings can also set the resistance to fire damage according to the ratio of wood and stone used.
For sieges, it can be left as it is, as melee unit attacks are actually simulating killing the operators of these machines. Even if the archers use burning arrows, they will not have a good damage effect on the rams and siege towers that are covered with flame-retardant materials such as metal plates or cowhide.

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1 minute ago, Lion.Kanzen said:




It is the torching, I think it is necessary to set these, because now all units and buildings have no resistance to fire, which is one of the reasons why Iberia's champion cavalry is relatively strong.

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        <LaunchPoint y="3"/>
      <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">Organic Siege</RestrictedClasses>      
      <PreferredClasses datatype="tokens">Structure</PreferredClasses>


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How do I add a second ranged attack to ranged units? I added the code for the torch to the shooter, but it doesn't work. @ Freagarach

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