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Is the javelin of the Iberian champion cavalry reasonable?


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From a practical point of view, cavalry can't carry fire, how can they use a burning javelin?

  The Iberian Champion Cavalry feels to me now, as weird as I found out 8 years ago when I played Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion that the cavalry could fire burning arrow.

  Should the Iberian champion cavalry be replaced by infantry javelinmen if the incendiary javelin element is retained?

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If we change the unit to infantry then we can maintain their current damage and cost, but no one will complain about them because they would be easier to counter. Infantry units are slower than cavalry, meaning they cannot chase and kill a retreating enemy army, unlike the current fire cav unit which leaves them Zero chance of escaping. 

On the other hand, if the fire infantry is on the move, they can be caught up by cavalry units and be forced to engage in a fight, which makes them less survivable. A wave of champion melee cavalry will be able to decimate them, so that they have a natural counter unlike the current fire cav which is above everything.

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@SevdaI think they would still be op as infantry units due to the targeting behavior of ranged units (melee first).

I agree that that would be a nerf, and that being cavalry is the main way they are able to be so easily massed. There is an older and more involved thread on balancing the unit, and I think it will remain a cavalry unit in a26.

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We did not reach a conclusion in that discussion, but the current patch after some more discussion for them is https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP26667

The changes were reducing pierce damage, and reducing their accuracy. There will be more opportunities to beat them if this change is put through.

I was one of the people who was against a plain damage nerf. But after I saw players using firecav as infantry hiding behind walls of spearmen, I knew that the damage simply had to be reduced. Damage went from 30 to 25, which is not horrible, and with their great inaccuracy, they will have a harder time versus other cavalry, or even slingers/archers who could snipe them with proper micro.

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