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Hi I'm new

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Sorry everyone I have been gone from my darling computer and I couldn't post here. Anyway I don't really like italian food since when I was eating Italian food last I threw up 4 times in one day of course they weren't in a row but yeah thats what happened. You might think it was food poisoning but i thought that too until I had more italian food later that year at a different place. Up chuck at the resteraunt that time.

to the forums! enjoy your stay. By the way you said you hated your sisters well does that mean you hate girls?

No I just hate my sisters. They're a pain in the 455. Anyway you don't have to worry bakayaro my sister hate forums. They're more into the instant messange thing like yahoo. Even thought I hate my sisters that doesn't mean I don't like girls I just think girls are mean and I don't want to get married unless shes an anime lover, game lover(Final Fantasy of course), bubbly and sexy. That is the perfect wife in my eyes but since i probably won't find her, I won't get married.

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