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Music Composer and Sound Designer application - Saifeddine

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I'm Saifeddine, a Tunisian music composer, producer and sound designer but also multi-instrumentiste based between Paris and Boston.

My Audio Portfolio :


My Performance Showereel :


I'm here to offer my help with music and sound design of the game if needed .

looking forward to here from all of you


Saifeddine Helal Resume (Composer & Producer).pdf

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Awesome!! welcome to the forum! :)


Listening your soundcloud.. congratulations, very nice stuff!

If you're interested in contributing with the game, I'd say that your talent would be very, very welcomed! And certainly there's plenty of space where sound and music can thrive!

The work here is mostly voluntary-based so, beside the portfolio, I would suggest to take also personal initiative in the forum and propose yourself ideas and improvements.


What do you think @Stan`? :) Would you have specific requests to @Saifeddine  when it comes to sound/music?

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Checked out your Soundcloud. Awesome stuff. I honestly think Carthaginians and especially Kushites need a lot of help in the music dept. Are you someone who has experience in a lot of ethnic/world instruments? Or maybe you'd like to brank out and experiment with new sounds and instruments? Each soundscape @OmriLahav has created for the civilizations in the game has a unique ethnic flair. Are you willing to do research into those cultural music traditions to attempt to create something fresh and new, but authentic to that culture? 

Again, really impressive portfolio. Hopefully @Stan` and/or @OmriLahav can talk with you more! :) 


EDIT: The game's combat/war music needs more variety for sure.

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On 31/01/2022 at 6:03 PM, Saifeddine said:

hey @Stan`

Thanks for your warm welcome.

Looking forward to contribute and I signed the legal waiver :)

can't wait to get in touch with you and @Samulis


Welcome @Saifeddine!

Nice to hear you are also in the Boston area, as I am currently.

One project I have been considering tackling next is the lack of voice variety in the game. It requires recording a bunch of dialogue in various ancient languages. If this idea interests you, I have been considering working with a local studio to record the dialogue, perhaps with some local students, and could definitely use some help in that regard. If you are interested, I can PM you my Discord details and we can see what can be done.

Omri is very much in charge of the actual musical side of things, but as said before, there is room for more works provided they can be adapted to fit the game's sound and style overall while also hitting the mark of the unique culture. The overall sound of the score is not really the same as typical for modern scores, as aspects of it reach back over a decade to when the game was begun, so it is an interesting challenge to write pieces which fit aurally and compositionally. I would deeply encourage at least a few playthroughs of the game with various cultures, or listening to the full soundtrack, before working on anything.

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