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Happy birthday Wildfire!

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Hmm, somewhere in the late year, I know that - when I joined, it was some time after the first anniversary of WFG, and I joined in very early (January) 2003 (it feels like it has been a much longer time, though - I had to take a look at my Outlook in order to see wheter it wasn't 2002!)... maybe the anniversary is in late October or early November - but we'll need someone who's been at WFG longer than me to tell us :(

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Oh. When would WFG's birthday be?

I don't know exactly, but somewhere in December/January 2001 (?), I think... but Jason should know this much better. As I said, I've only been actively involved with WFG for about two years now, and therefore don't know the very old times - though I already knew WFG when it was still called WFS and 0 A.D. was still an AoK mod :)

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Looking at your evidence, Jason, it raises the question: What happened to the african villager mod?


Anyway, early 2001 sounds right, because I remember joining late 2001, and there were already some members then.

(Hmm... has it really been 3 years already??)

I really wish I had taken some screenshots from back then. Like when our forums were just 10 subforums on one screen, covering everything from 0 A.D. to TLA to Insurrection development as well as public discussion. I even seem to remember an earlier version of the forums too, but it's all too hazy right now.

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