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Lunar Eclipse

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I don't know if timezones and stuff conflict with this, but (at least, in Indiana) we have a lunar elipse now.

I'm taking pictures every 5 minutes or so, so by tommorrow you can expect a nice little animation of the thingy.

This is especially interesting for me because this is the first eclipse I've seen that wasn't on a foggy night.

EDIT: About half covered now. So hard to keep the stupid camera steady.

EDIT: Just a tiny sliver now....

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No problem. :) Last time there was one I took my friend's dad's pics and put them into an animation, and this time I wanted to take the pics too. (It's here if you care. http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~dgentry/pics/2003/eclipse.htm My friend's dad is better at taking pics.)

Sorry the ending couldn't be more smooth. I have this thing against going outside when is really pitch black outside (i.e. I'm scared. Pathetic isn't it? ;) ), so it was hard to get enough frames.

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