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I Have A Internet Cafe :p

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Well, we do :lol:

My clan and I have now got the internet connection ordered, and soon we get the computers up. It is really local and we hope it will be a success.

So if you ever are south in Norway, come visit, ill make sure you can sit as long as you want for free, as long as you are a WFG member :P

hehe, pictures, website and so on will come soon :P

So ... what do you guys think about this?

Bad idea?

Good idea?

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Well, it has been a lot of upside down with the name, but i think it will be called "WarLord GamingCafe. Its name was Planet WarLord a few months ago, but a few miles away there is a Internet cafe called PlanetX-pec ... so we couldnt have that :P

Well, we got some sponsores so we only will start with about 4-5 computers, but we will have our own computers there too, so it will be around 10 computers.

About the Norwegian with Internet. Of course they got ... but the other Cafe i was talking about is really going great, and with so low costs we got, we dont loose much if its not a success :lol:

Though ... the reputation wont be good then .... :P

Thanks for the wishes :P

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How about equiping all WarLord GamingCafe computers with the 0AD Beta when the time comes :P We'll probably let you do that :lol: Just no distributing.

Of course i could, if you guys let me :spam:

And thanks for all the wishes again.

About the Internet, i dont know too much about it, but i know that there are a lot of Internet Cafes in Norway, and most of them are really going good :P

Though we still havent got the internet, we will get in a few weeks :P

Anyway, thanks for all the warm word, i surely hope it will be great. We might donate some money to 0ad if the place go good :spam:

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