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Mouse hover for additional information

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Do you have a hint for me how hover actions are coded? Is this C++ or JS? Where would I find some (example) code? Thank you!

I ask because of patch D4252, where we agree that the additional explanatory text won't fit behind the "Enabled mods" text anymore, so that it would need to be a hover-over tooltip.

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To give you some starting information:

The tooltips are defined in public/gui/common/setup.xml

and you can use them in the xml files, which define the layout of the mod page like this (i.e. tooltip_style):

<object type="button" style="MenuButton" tooltip_style="AwesomeToolTip"/>


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5 hours ago, Ceres said:

Is this C++ or JS?

Neither you can do it all by editing the xml file you already found.


5 hours ago, Ceres said:

Where would I find some (example) code?

I guess: search your favorite tooltip in game and look how it is done there (hint: the mod up and mod down buttons on the right hand side of the modselection panel seem like a good candidate)

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I would like to understand the meaning of this:

<object size="16 62% 100%-15 100%-84">

I'm on IRC (as Ceres). Is that the right place to ask or rather here in the forum?


@bb_ Thanks for your kind help over there! :) For other interested people:

left top position is (16, 62%):

  • object is 16 pixels to the right (absolute)
  • object is at 62% of the height (relative)

right bottom is (100%-15, 100%-84):

  • right hand side of object is 15 pixels from right of parent object
  • bottom of object is 84 pixels from bottom of the parent object

Note that sizes are relative to parent object's size.

Hopefully, I summarised this correctly. ;) I will play around with different numbers to better understand this.

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changed "top left" to "left top" and "bottom right" to "right bottom"
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