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Preferred Historical Occupation?

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Imagine you lived in any period of history pre 19th Century instead of modern times. Who would you be in any kingdom, empire, ect. (you can pick more than one)? A solider under Duke William of Normandy? Emperor of Rome? Maybe even some foolish jester or merchant?

For me, I'd be a Mongol leader so I can destroy and take over everything in my path. (y) Tis a shame there's no historical Dark Lords......

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I would have been a lieutenant of King Priam. I would have killed Paris before he even thought of kidnapping Helen from Menelaus ... Hector would have come back to Troy with his fleet and no woman ... Troy would have survived centuries, Achilles would not be famous and Brad Pitt would not earn money on his name (y)

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I would like to Be :


1. Timur Lang (best known as Tamerlan to Westerners like us). He was the King of Samarkand, the Chief city on the Silk Way. Full of culture and cultures, creat arabic an chinese old music, full of treasures and uniqueness, and a great Kingdom to explore.

2. Sokrates (best known as Socrates to us). He was just so a great philosopher. He's one of the greatest Wiseman of all time. A would place him actually above all, for he knew something that noone else knew before him : "I know that nothing I know"

3. Ramses II : He was a great Egyptian Pharaon, and ruled quite well. (Note that he spoke about Habiru in his scrolls, like an invading people.)

4. Klisthenes (Clisthenes) : He is who at last proclaimed Democraty in Athens. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than nothing, and he made The Step. (Drako and Solon only being steps to democraty)


1. Hellenic traditions : Odysseus (Ulysse) of Ithaque, for he was I think the greatest man ever. Not because of great deeds (he did something really wrong, not thanking the gods that helped him during the Illiade), but because he wanted to live and made so as he could. He was the most human among heroes.

2. Tolkien : Faramir II Prince of Ithilien Stuart to Elessar Telcontar. He was wise and cheerful, and was very patient. He was a good Loremaster as well as a great Swordsman. A true Numenatan.


1. Merchant on the Silk Road or Spice Road, as they visited a lot of country.

2. Citizen of Rome, during the Pax Romana, to go whereever I would like to, without bothering.

3. A smith : To make to myself beautiful waepons.

What's funny about this is that I could actually be the three at the same time (y)

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It's because C is a purely latin letter. They used to both represent the same sound (and indeed K an C look somehow alike), but Socrates is greek (at least, Athenian), not latin (y) (Same remark on Klisthenes)

(The latin c developped to be more like ts, later tsh, and even sometimes sh, in some positions)

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