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Lancer cavalry ( Shock cavalry) how do they differ from spear cavalry? and which are they?

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2 minutes ago, alre said:

it would be confusing though. If we make lancer cav, we don't need spear cav anymore.

not everyone has that unit.

It should be more expensive.(little) And slower to train.

It would be the difference between a spear and a pike.

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I was thinking a very unique way to have lancer cavalry would be to have a very low attack repeat rate like once every 4 seconds, but a high pierce damage and very low prepare time. This way, the best way to use them would be to attack with smaller groups and then run away to charge back and attack again. My thinking is that this would be worse versus ranged units, since it would be harder for them to get out of range in time before losing quite a few of them, but actually be very good vs swords and acceptable vs spears and still bad vs pikes. I think ideal micro for them could be like trying to get melee inf to pursue, but then doubling back and sniping individuals before too many of the enemy melee inf get into attack range.

I could see this being a CS soldier for some civs that were famous for using long pointy things with their horses, maybe it should be a unit for civs that have a strange/underpowered/not persians cavalry selection. Perhaps a champion version could be made for the civ with the most historical tendency for pikes.

I think if it is balanced right as a CS unit, then it should not need any price or train time changes.

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