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When, How And Why Did You Get Your Nick?

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I wanted to think up a cool name to use on forums and such ages ago so I started putting in random letters and finally came up with Lorian, then I found out that there's a place in LotR called Lothlorian hehe, so I suppose it originates from Lord of the Rings even though it wasn't supposed to :lol:

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When i applied to TLA, i thought i had to change my nick for this environment (on the net i'm also known as rasputiza), then i immagined that i could relate it to a civ i like, the Horse Lords (Eorlingas), but i decided to use the elven term Rohir and mix it with the Eolrlic word Wine (friend), so my nick means: Friend of the Eorlingas... :lol:

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@Sukkit - Ok, that's good, I was afraid it came from an english idiom "Suck it", which would be quite different.

As for me:


av are obviously my initials.

nefardec has been the name of basically every D&D and computer RPG character I've played as.

A long time ago I started devising a bit of a lexicon for an invented language, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien obviously. Nefardec in fact was supposed to mean "Fire-spirit" just like "Fëanor" in Quenya. Nefar- was a form of an adjective that meant fiery.

In case you were wondering, correct pronunciation is (using english sounds)

Nay - fair - deck

With the emphasis in bold, on the penultimate syllable. And there's a single trill on the r.

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About 4 years ago me and my brother bought Star Trek: Armada. This was at a point in our lives when Star Trek was beyond cool, beyond amazing, beyond life :lol: We were planning on playing with a friend on MP when he bought it (he never did :)), so I was planning on playing the Klingons and modified my real name to sound like it: Pa'al. Then I needed a new Hotmail account after my old one got swamped by the first major wave of junk mail on the net. Needing at least 8 characters in the name, it lengthened to Paal_101, which carried on into ST:A1 modding and therefore MSN and ICQ and as a result it has remained the same ever since =)

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I didn't post here? Well, this topic explains part of it:


The Soggy bit was just added for some reason; to ensure that it was unique, I suppose. I've had this nickname since... I suppose 2000. That's the earliest e-mail in my original account.

My parents didn't want me giving out information about myself online, so an alias had to be created.

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In my first days I had that strange nick : Speedway13. I was 13 years old, and Speedway was linked to my cartographic art of my youth (I liked to draw city and region maps, all from my imagination, and I'm still good at this, if I take my time). But this is very old.

Then, a few years later, I began to use Zwi. It was the name of a character of a former friend, Mr. Zwi. Don't ask but it was so. But I found out that Zwi was used by a belgian (a Zwimmerman I think) and we chatted on the same channel. It became really strange. But here, in Quebec, the name Zwi is a odd and stupid-seeming nickname. So, I changed my nick to Melville.

This nick comes from a place in northern Canada. I first came by that name when I draw a huge map of northern Canada (it was the first place I draw, an island called Melville : A Shrine to Melville Island [Written in French and Esperanto], see 34 photos of that northern land).

Over the years, I imagined cities and people on that island, and began to identify myself to it. It was to me a place where I could put all my nationalism, without being obliged to choose between Canada or Quebec (mixing them my own way), since on that I time I didn't knew how to deal with both (I still don't know how, it seems I'm the only one of my kind). See, I got to create my own flag, my own symbols that I cherish, because they represent what I am. People would say I have psychological problems, but that is when you're crushed between two problems : I created my own way.

But over the years, Melville became a second family name to me (LeMelvillois : see my signature). I continued on such a name for years. But between Melville and Zwi, there was a small period in which I used an odd nickname : Yiuel.

Yiuel is a rendering of my initials (UL). Pronouce them in English, you'll approximately get Yiuel. But it didn't last long before Melville. But after I left IRC, I used more and more my pseudonyme Yiuel (first name) LeMelvillois (last name). I translated it in Japanese as well (Kitashima Tama/Yuueru). And on MSN I began to use that name. It also became the name of the character that represents myself in my main work Ie Ien. So it became more and more my name. I think to add those names to my official name. But for now, it is my pseudonyme. And I chose Yiuel instead of Yiuel LeMelvillois because it was shorter.

Edit : What is a Speedway? Well, it's like a Highway with exits and ramps, but in a smaller scale and with less ramps. Also, they are mostly adapted to highspeed trips... It's an old conception, since now I use more "collective transportation means" as buses and subways.

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hm...ive been using 3 nicks.

When i got Netstorm, really old online-game, was loads of fun back then. I used "Dark Angel".

Later on i went by "CiraDoC" in various games, comes from the books by Katherine Kerr if i remember correctly.

3rd: dathui. i got kinda ashamed by the notation of "CiraDoC", fel childish, so i wanted a new one. I was playing magic: the gathering alot and there is a special kind of creature that got a ability namd "shadow", which i found really cool. All these creatures are named along the lines of dauthi , so i just switched the position of u and voilá, got myself a nickname the same as a regon of Tibet (i think) and something that got to do with soeme kind of cancer :lol:

and now im quite fond of "dathui", its almost a part of me :)

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Well....as for me I have many a nickname, and although I will concent to post all of them on here, (quite a horrible task), I will only tell one story, of the first....(by the bye I am a guy), ok here goes....










There's about them all, the first, (Krispy), comes from the fact that for about a year I was absolutely in love with Krispy Kreams, and as of such it soon was broken down into Krispy, (it's what I am called during football and Halo mostly). There ya go!


(PM me if you want any of the other stories, I may or may not tell you them lol)

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