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0AD puns

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Great thread, I like puns!

Sometimes it surprises me how I can still come up with something new after many years.

I'm not saying they are all good puns, but I'm saying them anyway. Not only because the taste differs from one player to another, but also because you can laugh at how unfunny a line is. And it creates a great contrast to let the good puns shine.

Sometimes I even take screenshots to get a permanent record of how (un)funny I was. Too bad that I'm too lazy to go through all of it and pick something to post here.

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Game Chat.

Yellow player: Why are we paused?????

Red player(Host): Blue player has gone offline for a moment.

Yellow player: WTF! Why?????

Red player(Host): He said he needed the toilet.

Green player: He was obviously in need of a Kushite! 

Yellow player: LOL! 


Song: Salt'n'Peppa - Kush It! 


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Kushites seem to be people of puns. I see you started with relics, so it's Shanakdakheto who comes to mind.

She slows down the gather rate for all enemy female citizens by 15%.

I think you could say that... she moves the enemy eco... into Shanghai-da-Ghetto.

OK, I'm out.

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