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All-time Favorites...

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What are your all-time favorite movies, games, tv shows, foods, basically anything you want to be your favorite.

I would say:


Movie-LOTR: The Two Towers (hopefully soon taken by The Return of the King)

TV Show-24



Website-Addictong Games (WFG a close second)


Holiday-My Birthday

Subject in School-P.E.

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Uhh for me it would be...

Game- Hmmm I would its a tie between all the games I have that where made by Paradox and Empires DOTMW plus AOK: The Conquerors

Movie- Its tie between the LOTR and Star Wars

TV Show- don't really have one

Food- MacDonald's Cheeseburgers

Sport- don't care for sports

Website- its a tie between the Heavengames sites and WFG

Day- don't really have a favorite day, but my favorite part of the week is the weekends

Holiday- this one is a tie between (no pitictular order here) Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my Birthday

Subject in School- HISTORY

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Here, people can just copy and paste this to fill out the answers without checking to see each question:



TV Show:







School Subject:



NOTE: I added favorite book, favorite music and favorite dessert

Game: AoK TC

Movie: The LotR Trilogy

TV Show: none, hardly ever watch TV

Food: Pizza

Dessert: Cheesecake and pie

Sport: Cross Country

Website: WFG, no joke

Day: Friday

Holiday: Christmas

School Subject: World History

Book: LotR trilogy, Lord of the Flies... does "Lord of the" make a book good?

Music: Green Day, Vivaldi and Mozart... pretty unique, eh?

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Game: age series

Movie: Leon, Lilya 4-ever, Pulp fiction

TV Show: none

Food: pizza probably

Dessert: crème brulée

Sport: chess :brow:

Website: Sitepoint and thewebmachine

Day: friday

Holiday: summer

School Subject: new history and pre&protohistory

Book: Fools die (Puzo), Silmarillion (Tolkien), The Family (Puzo), American Psycho (Ellis), Claudius (Graves), La peste (Camus), Poes poes poes (Mennes)

Music: surf, blues, rockabilly, jazz, classical, garage, folk, latin, ...

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