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If You Could Go Back In Time...

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I think I'd go back to ancient Rome and take a look around, plus visit all of the great ancient civilizations. Plus I'd go back and see if there really was an Atlantis :)

On a humorous note, I friend of mine once said that if he had a time machine, he'd go back to the American Revolution and bring a LOT of machine guns for the British :P

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Lol, I don't think watching those battles or gladiators fighting in the colloseum would be that funny :)

Maybe going back to the prehistoric period while I have the flue and infect our humanoid ancestors so they'll all die :P j/k

Well probably like Black Op, to reveal all those historical mysteries (although those you quoted aren't mysteries anymore, but that's another topic).

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Another cool thing would be to go back and meet famous people: Jesus, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Duke of Wellington, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great (just don't be alone with him :) ), maybe Hannibal, Chinggis Khan (suitably armed/armored...M-16A2 and kevlar sound appropiate), Martin Luther, Guttenburg, Master Ohtsuka (Wado karate founder). Could be cool :P

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Things I would solve:

1. Who killed JFK? I'd have to make multiple trips for this one to check out the three possible firing positions (Book Depository, Grassy Knoll, and the building across the street from the Book Depository - perfect triangulation).

2. What killed the Dinosaurs?

3. What really crashed that stormy night in the desert outside Roswell, N.M.?

4. What caused the downfall of Mycenae and the Minoan Culture?

5. Who built the Easter Island monoliths?

6. Was there a real King Arthur?

7. Did Vlad the Impaler really drink blood?

8. Was there really a "sniper's duel" during the Battle of Stalingrad (1943)?

People I would go back and kill (probably as children):

1. Hitler

2. Hitler

3. Hitler

4. Stalin

5. Osama bin Laden

6. Roman Emperor Commodus

7. Roman Emperor Nero

8. Roman Emperor Caligula

9. Spartan Admiral Lysander

10. Atilla the Hun

11. Various Popes

Events I'd witness:

1. The D-Day Invasion - 1944 AD

2. The Battle of Marathon - 490 BC

3. World Trade Center Attacks - 11-9-2003 AD

4. Hiroshima - 1945 AD

5. The Battle of Salamis - 480 BC

6. The Battle of Plataea - 479 BC

7. The Battle of Hastings - 1066 AD

8. The Battle of Gettysburg - 1863 AD

9. The Ancient Olympics

10. The dedication of the Parthenon - 5th Century BC

11. The dedication of the Great Pyramid at Giza - Unknown BC?

12. Pearl Harbor - 1941 AD

13. Signing of the American Declaration of Independence.

14. Cuban Missle Crisis

15. The slave revolt lead by Spartacus - 1st Century BC

16. The Battle of the Alamo - 1836 AD

17. The MLK "I had a dream" speech

18. The Battle of Little Bighorn (Custer's Last Stand) - 1876 AD

19. The Battle of Thermopylae - 480 BC

Some things I'd try to change:

1. The assassinations of: Abraham Lincoln, JFK, RFK, and MLK jr.

2. The Rwandan Civil War 1990s AD

3. The Battle of Chaeronea (in favor of the Athenians and Thebans) - 4th Century BC

4. Make Col. Fannin actually get to the Alamo.

5. The Black Death (middle ages)

6. William Wallace's tactics at the Battle of Falkirk (what the heck Mr. Braveheart?!?!)

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Hmm, I'd go back to 1812 and watch Napoleon's entire Russian campaign. I would probably die halfway through, though :)

Also, I'd go to my home city, Maastricht, and watch all of the 29 or so sieges it suffered, from beginning to end. Of course giving priority to the most important sieges: 1579, 1632, 1673, 1748, 1794. That would keep me busy for quite some time :P

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I'd quite like to take back pieces of the modern world to people who worked on the ideas behind them in the past, and seeing what they thought of them - things like showing Fermat a modern calculator, DaVinci an aircraft, Verne the space shuttle and so on. Right up to about 40 years ago to talk to people then about the 'future'.

On purely economic grounds, I'd also make sure I got a share of the profits of every innovation of the past thousand years :)

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