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What Are Your Biggest Pet Peeves?


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I have a long list that I will not finish completely:

1. When you tell people you hate something and they purposely do it to annoy you

2. When people dont let you on the highway/freeway

3. Science and Math

4. The smell of mayonaise

5. Chewing with your mouth open

6. Ignorance

7. Aetheists

8. Ipods

9. People that drive in the exit lane but dont exit

10. Having a twin

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When the media only covers what's happening to some celebrity.

Celebrities, they don't get the attention they deserve. All they're doing is their jobs, they don't live to entertain us.

My dad, he can be the most annoying person in the world at times.

When someone screws up my order at a restruant.

When I get killed in a multiplayer game.


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People who complain to you about something that is completly unrealted to you and you have no way of possibily doing anything to help them.

In other words, women? :)

Team Killing in multiplayer games!

A certain 12v4 Halo match comes to my mind...

Eh, I don't really have too many peeves, i'm a pretty easy going person, but i'll name what i can think of:

Intolerant people who claim to be tolerant (libera...uh, i mean moderates)

Clinton's selling military secrets to the Chinese and getting away with it

People who cuss you off for saying "howdy"

Feminazis (:))

My sister's laugh when she's on the phone

and last, but certainly not least (btw, that statement "last but not least" bugs me),

Julia Roberts

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