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Forum Guardian Of The Month - November 2003

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I was wandering if there was a way that you could change your vote or atleast delete the one that is voted for me and heres why.

My biology class went to the library today to do research but instead i was gazing through the forums. Now for some reason my friend thought it would be amusing to "rat me out". So as I was being yelled at for not doing the proper work, he thougt it would be even funnier to vote for me. So the vote for me should be changed to CODEOPTIMIST. unofficially i guess.

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Congrats CO, Looks like you my be a well deserved winner. Or have I spoken too soon. It always seems when I say something may be certian it doesnt happpen.

(I think the universe finds it funny to alter its natural path to make me wrong. It seems that way anyway. This theory is also based around the other theory, that the universe actually does revolve around me.)

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