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First Person Shooters


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My favorites in categories:


-Clive Barker's Undying: fabulous plot, scary and far from cheap hack and slash.

-Aliens vs Predator II: 3 very well interlaced stories

-Shogo Mobile Armor Division: It has a cool Anime story, ala Robotech Macross with giant robots and stuff


-Soldier of Fortune: I love to run and shoot everything in gory ways with contundent weapons :D

-Quake and Duke Nukem 3D: Of course :P


-Medal of Honor Allied Assault: No doubt about that, actually it's the only game I have seen whose weapons had realistic sounds, also it's based on real events and no fancy weapons/enemies (WW2)

Immersion (I mean, how the game catches you)

-Aliens vs Predator I & II: The first game back in 1999 I actually had fear of stepping further into a corridor


-Aliens vs Pred (again): Because I am also fan of the movies and the maps are exactly like those

-Unreal: I hated the weapons and enemies in this game but the landscape and scenarios were very beautiful


-Duke Nukem 3D: Hehehehe

-Redneck Rampage: Blowing up chicken with dynamite crossbow is totally antidepressive

Technology (at its time):

-I would say the Quake games but I am unsure

Misc (rarities, etc):

-Blood II: I dont know why but to me this game is very disturbing compared to others, it's horror, it's gore and it's ... weird

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- Deus Ex: Very mature and developed story about conspiracies

- No One Lives Forever: One of the funniest scripts in a game


- Quake: First FPS I ever played online

- Unreal Tournament: Fast and furious fun


- Battlefield 1942: The coolest WWII game ever.


- Deus Ex: I felt like I was actually involved in the conspiracy.

- System Shock 2: A very creepy game, expecially at the beginning.


- Savage: This game has some beautiful maps.

- Tron 2.0: Definitely a unique style, but it fits the game perfectly.


- Duke Nukem 3D: First game I ever played multiplayer over a LAN. I would play one-on-one wth my friends for hours.

- Quake: I still play this game every once in a while.

- Battlefield 1942: Guns, vehicles and huge maps. What else do you need?

Technology (at its time):

- Quake: I was amazed that enemies had a backside.

- Quake III: This game blew my mind. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and it ran like silk on my Pentium 233MHz.

Misc (rarities, etc):

Max Payne 2: Bullet Time has been brought to the next level. Combine that with explosions and real-time physics and you get a barrel of fun.

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-Halo (One of the first real story I saw in a FPS, yea, I joined the club a bit late)

-Half-Life (Heard it was good so I went to play it, didn't think it was good a story as Halo)

-Unreal 2 (Most of the story sucked, but in the end they managed to do the single thing no other game had done to me. Make me actually sad that my character's friends died! I still think a single shot to the head of the villain was not enough!!!!)


-Halo (Most awesome vehicular warfare ever makes for one of the best games ever!)

-Unreal Tournamet (My first experience with capture the flag, even though it was a 3 player LAN game with an extra bot thrown in)

-Duke Nukem 3D (The fond memories of explosions and flying pigs...)


-Medal of Honor (which ever)

-Call of Duty (the demo showed me something that I did not think was possible, a more realistic game than MoH)

-Halo (I know it's not truly realistic, but it feels more realistic than many... the future seems more in place than others)


-Halo (I love this game, and now I get to play multiplayer on my PC!!!!)

-Duke Nukem 3D (First real big FPS I played)

-Doom (Before Duke Nukem, this got me and my friends totally crazy)

-Castle Wolfenstein? (Forgot the exact name, but the other FPS of doom's time)

-Half-Life (Even though I played it recently, I got past the graphics and saw some amazing level design and ideas)

-PlanetSide (This was really one of the first FPS I played in a MMOG enviroment with vehicles and so far the only one!)


-Halo (I love the distant views and the textures and everything)

-Savage (I agree, this game did not have awesome graphics it made each pixel count in scenery)

-Half-Life and Call of Duty (if this means level design then so, if just scenery then these two don't belong here)


-Halo (PC version of course is the best!)

-Savage (I played it until I was bored out of my mind, but now I want to play again)

-PlanetSide (eventually it became boring, but it sure took it's sweet time)


-Halo (getting old but not quite there yet, and it's physics beat any game's physics!!!)

-Unreal 2 (Awesome graphics!)

-Can I say Doom 3, Halo 2 and Half-Life 2?

Misc (rarities, etc.)

-Max Payne (haven't had the chance to play 2 yet.)

-BloodRayne (These two the only two that brought bullet time alive, and better than the matrix game)

-TimeSplitters (I liked map-editing :D)

I haven't ever liked the Quake games very much, not enough to do them justice. Not sure why I dislike them so much. Let's just say that I'm a unreal (halo) fan.

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Half - life: The story was interesting and well thought out. I liked how cinematics were not required to tell the story.


Day of Defeat: This is with out a doubt the single best online FPS ever made, even though it is a modification for Half-Life.


Day of Defeat: This is the only realistic World War II FPS. Many other FPS claim to be realistic, but none of them have even come close to Day of Defeat.


- Anything with Medal of Honour in the title

- Anything with Unreal in the title

- Battlefield 1942

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Ok, I'll give you that Halo uses the same tunnel/Halo structures often, but wouldn't you expect that to be the case if you were on a ship? Because Halo is a giant ring created by and is technically one big ship, so I'm not surprised the corridors and insides are similar. And in the Single Player Campaign Master Chief often travelled to and back (prolly to prolong the game) so I guess it can feel repetitive... I don't feel it though :P

PS: Yes, I loved how Half-Life told the story, just didn't like the story that much. Didn't seem to have many twists or events, mainly the beginning and the method how they told it was interesting, after that it resembled Duke Nukem (shudders to compare Half-Life to Duke) a bit because you're just going through levels killing aliens, but at least with minor events occurring and killing them in thought out ways :D

PSS: Which is the most anticipated Shooter you want to see?

Since I don't want to have to pick I'll pick the three that I want (will get):

Doom 3 - Just to see if my computer can handle this baby I'll get it, but then add frights to knock me unconscious and I'm happy. Primarily the graphics though. (Does anyone know the release date for this?)

Half-Life 2 - Hey, I'll get to enjoy Half-Life but this time when the graphics are amazingly new and awesome. Had to play Half-Life in 2002, so some of the lasting impression did not get printed on me.

(April 2004, because of the hack event)

Halo 2 - I am afraid this will be less unique than the other two, so far I think it'll be a super Halo, with few things new. But hey, as long as it reaches the original status with those graphics then we have a contender.

(Q1 2004)

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