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Cavalry animation: semi galloping or trottin?

Cavalry animation: semi galloping or trottin?  

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  1. 1. semi galloping or trottin

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In alpha 24 the champion cavalry has a movement animation different from the citizen cavalry. The reason for this is that the champion cavalry is faster, so it is more realistic to have semi galloping animation, however with the current balance changes, champion cavalry has the same speed as the citizen cavalry now.
I was talking to @Alexandermb to also implement semi galloping for citizen cavalry, because in my opinion it is a more beautiful and real animation than trottin. He told me to open a voting thread to see what other players think.

As you can see in the video, champion cavalry has the semi galloping animation while the citizen cavalry has the trottin animation.

Ps: the champion cavalry is the cavalry that is below while the citizen is the horse that is above.


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Semi galloping looks better yes.

One thing to note though is the synchronization between horses feet and the ground, this is more evident with camels. Putting them on formation sometimes they look like having a seizure.

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