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A game replay I decided to upload


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We played quite a few interesting games recently. It all started with some GG's with Chetnik that I wanted to upload. And then there was a nice collection of various troll strategies, @Issh even made a super cool animation out of one of the games. All those games have one thing in common though, which is that I haven't uploaded their replays here.

Going back to look for all the fun games can be pretty hard. That's why I thought it could be a better idea to start from the most recent games and perhaps go back later. This particular game had quite a lot to offer. There were some raids, some big fights and later even several CC destructions. Definitely worth checking if you are a @ValihrAnt that just ran out of materials to use for his videos.

BTW, it was fun watching one of the latest videos where ValihrAnt also recorded the observer chat. Sometimes the stuff we say isn't even that unfunny. I wish I had more of the chat history preserved.


Sorry, if you were looking for some spoilers, I suggest visiting your local automotive part retailer.


Keep clicking unless you hate getting rickrolled.


OK, there is the recent video of ValihrAnt I was talking about:






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Indeed, this is a game replay worth to see.
Every corner of the map deserves to follow while spectating.
You can see many unexpected turns of events or some funny moments like this one: "Pro fort deny timing" performance by @Boudica.
@borg- was missing like 0.01 sec to build it up (99% was done). Check the time left to finish the construction (0:00 sec)


Thanks for the upload!

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