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mulitplayer lobby empty?


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Upgrade is what would actually update the package to use the latest version.

34 minutes ago, mahela007 said:

Moreover, if the package is out of date, it should be listed in the update manager right ? There are no available updates for 0ad either 

That I don't know. Maybe the update manager only looks at non-ppa sources.

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Well, the official version in the repository is alpha 22.
But on flatpak, there appears to be a newer version; Although the version number is not specified in the software manager, i suspect the version is 23. However, I tried installing this on another PC and I still do not see any players in the lobby.

I'm not sure what else to try.

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Finally got it working.
Somehow, the repository hadn't gotten added and the older version of 0AD which was in the official ubuntu repositories had been installed. 
I Should have stopped to check that first.
Thanks for all the help (and sorry for wasting your time. ;) )


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1 minute ago, mahela007 said:

hmm.. I'm actually on linux mint. Maybe that's the problem..
but as far as I know, mint and Ubuntu use the same repositories.
and anyway, since I added the repository I mentioned above, this shouldn't be a problem, right?

No it should not be an issue. Have you tried uninstalling everything, adding the ppa, running apt-get update and upgrade, then installing 0ad?

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