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5 hours ago, sphyrth said:

Could the Torrent download be the alternative instead? I've been irritated by those "I don't trust torrents" comments.

I understand them. If it was the former me, I would've chosen the Direct Download as the primary method.

Well it could but it mostly save us bandwidth and reduce the stress on the servers...

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not exactly in 0 A.D article, but if you use an image capture of our game as an preview for his video about history of Spain and I follow this freelance journalist who is also a historian.


Last year after reading his two books a world that changes and Jesus more than a rabbi.


That César Vidal put in the preview, although in reality who does this is his editor Isaac, but that in his YT podcast and on his channel he has an image of our video game 0 a.d. to explain the Iberian culture.



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Posted (edited)


talks about the most important changes in Spanish about 0AD a24 web about Linux in Spanish.



Also Softzone post about the news of the alpha 24.


What we did not expect is that one of the best clones of AoE will come from  of an OpenSource community: that's how 0 A.D.



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