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Tried the game some years ago and couldn't run it, pc fault. I decided to try it again with a friend, hoping to find something close to a complete game. But nothing, after 16+ years of development, and with a pc that can run the Witcher 3 without problems, I still get lags after 2 minutes into the match. Same for my friend, and our connection worked perfectly. I understand the project is free ect ect, but how is it possible. Being able to play something like 10 factions, when I can't even change the resolution of the game and I cannot basically play it because of the lags. 

It's not a big problem to me, wasn't a fan of the project anyway, but I feel bad for those players who have been supporting the game for so long (If there are any).

Regardless, I wish you the best luck on being able to release it sooner or later, even if I don't have much hope left.

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Is this just something you wanted to share, or are you expecting an answer? Because the only thing I see you possibly ask is how it is possible that the development is slow (provided that that question wasn't rhetorical). Maybe you for some reason expected things to go faster, but you didn't state any reason why it should be that way.

Imagine I decide to build my own house. But I'll only use bricks that I made myself and materials I could gather around. A few friends on mine promise to help me in their free time but most of them have a job or a family, so it's only a few hours at weekends. Are you gonna expect me to have a modern habitable house in a year, based on how much time a construction company with dozens of full-time professionals and modern tools would require? Or is it a success that I can somewhat use the house after only five years of work, while it is still slowly getting better and better?

The beta version is just a sticker. The game already brings a lot of fun to many players who don't mind avoiding large maps with lots of trees or high pop games, which make the lag worse. Instead of losing hope, we just enjoy what the game offers right now, knowing that somewhere far, there is a cool developer testing out his patch to again make it all a bit better next year or so.

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Mine is just a feedback. I tried the game and I didn't like it, so I posted my opinion about it.

You probably didn't get my point, so let's do it your way. Let's say I have this project of building an house with my own hands. It will require a lot of time, sure, no one can expect a finished product or can tell me "you are slow", it's fine. But then I build my house, I build 3 kitchens and I forget to create the basements. Now I invested time and resources, and I have three kitchens and none of them works. So the point is, why adding 10 factions, when even a 1v1 map (and I'm repeating this, 1v1, playing with a friend) doesn't work. Why even adding bigger maps, when even the smaller ones don't work. So yeah I'm not expecting to play a full game with many functionalities, but to me adding new content when even the basics are not working doesn't make sense. They can keep adding races but that won't change things even in 50 years, if I can't even enjoy the basics.

Anyway, if players can enjoy this kind of.. product, that's great, at least someone does.

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17 minutes ago, Sniec said:

So the point is, why adding 10 factions,

Art != Programming. Just because artists add new stuff doesn't mean programmers work at the same pace. To reuse the same image gardeners cannot do the house building work and builders don't do the gardening work. There can be some overlap, but in the end it's two different jobs ^^

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The assumption that some other aspects of the game would now be better if there were fewer civs might be incorrect. There were some people interested in making models and it wasn't that hard to include those and make a new civ. There are currently more civs than planned but people generally don't dislike that. (Edit: Stan was faster on this one by a minute.)

There have been several 1-vs.-1 tournaments and I don't remember any game ending prematurely because it became unplayable. I could watch all the replays on my years old laptop with an integrated graphics card. What do you mean by that smaller maps don't work?

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Lag is still present even on single player which lags on a 1v1 on normal speed at maximum 300 population. I have no Knowledge in any programming but it seems there is no regulation on the engine to maintain a smoother performance. I end up playing on x2 speed.

In total 600 population on a 1v1 single player mode is not regulated  compared to multiplayer having 8 players with multiples of population on each player as well as bigger maps and multiple entities.

But the occurrence on multiplayer seems regulated that it doesn’t lag assuming the net and pc are good.

it seems that the engine is accelerating the units movement that behaves like accelerate-stop-go from 1 point to the destination point. 

About the post, I started with A21 I’m not sure maybe 5-6 years ago but the improvement is more on the stability and balance on the MP side. The arts is making more progress (really good and makes you comeback from time to time). 

Borg mod adds some flavor really but still having the same effect, improving the MP but still uncertain on the single player mode, though I haven’t really tested it fully on SP; thinking it might mess up the opposing AI when all resources are exhausted.

The single player didn’t seem to gain enough advances, few mods bring some very encouraging factions and its arts as well as animations.

I recently played a 2v2 on Corinthian Isthmus and my ally will eventually slaughter my protected fauna’s and gathering trees and minerals etc on my area. If I wall up to prevent them from taking my area’s resources, my ally AI will litter outside the protected walls/palisades. 

Somehow if you play a 2v1 on the same map the human player will always end up facing another AI in 1 half of the map and the other enemy AI is in the middle of the other side of the map. Why can’t it be that the human player be in the middle of the other side of the map and the 2 opposing allied enemy AIs be on the other side?

Also Corinthian isthmus in random map made the beaches very plain flat compared to the better skirmish map but can only be used I guess on 1v1.

i understand there are only few programmers in the volunteer dev team team but the 6 years time, the development is really slow imo. 

In the multiplayer, the competitiveness to the highest level are favoring the best, fast and precise clickers. The best micro managers and multitaskers will have the best advantages.

The multiplayer needs hotkeys and flaring signals to at least diminish the slower players reliance on typing the communication between teammates. RoN has the best team coordinations using numbers 1-100 initially to communicate as well as flaring on possible strategic military activities. Slow typists will definitely a disadvantage on the higher level of team game.

Somehow the A23 change on training units which can come out from a structure to any direction and not coming out from the front door makes the faster clicker have another advantage. I understand it ease up the bugs coming out from the structure that could get stuck from time to time but imo it only benefits the few good ones.


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The OP's rant is valid. I happen to support another snail-speed development game, but I have given up hope ever receiving it since I've become too old for it. I can't say the same for 0 A.D, but sniec's statements are a very friendly slap.

I felt the stung when he felt sorry for the devs and fans because it might still be an Alpha after three more generations.

He doesn't like the game, but he wants it to succeed (get past Alpha) soon... which won't seem to happen.

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