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Optimization is Not Important Right Now?

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You start doing optimisation when all of the planed features are working correctly until then all code just grows in complexity.But once we do start it will not be a fast process either as whole sections of code may need refactoring to make them completely thread safe (use all cpu cores available} then we might discover we have algorithm validity issues:balrog: like the pathfinder.

Enjoy the Choice :)  

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By not fixing design bottlenecks quickly, you get screwed in the end. And fixing them becomes impossible instead of just hard. (Intels report claimed using js was the major bottleneck, well, I like to see someone attempt a major rewrite.)

NTFS comes to mind. And I am not saying that because l use ext4 or zfs or something else. Checking out version controlled repos are terrible on Windows. Especially when there are a lot of commits.

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On 10/30/2019 at 11:22 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:

there are optimization at  this A24 25% more i guess.

This one is probably slower. Cool art with not so impactful code changes. The pathfinder rewrites could be slower or negligible. Those were not meant for performance apparently. (Since its now supposed to handle more edge cases, its probably the former)

A dev feel free to correct me on that. (Not sure how many of them look this place)

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Devs do optimize the code





and fix memory leaks (and other things)



so they obliviously do think optimising is important and they do what they can to improve the experience for the player.


There have been discussions about moving to higher versions of OpenGL, it would allow them to use new features and possibilities how to improve graphics, but it would also mean to drop support for older computers and based on statistics the team did not want to cut off the game from that number of players. 


About pathfinder, they are have been improving it in a24 and simultaneously they have been changing code to be easier to apply multi-threading for that computations, which are mostly causes of lags.


Any questions? 

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