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A23 - It crashes on OS X


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Hi all,


I've just downloaded A23 and when I try to join a room it crashes. Also, I cannot host any game in lobby, it crashes every time.

I can join as an observer after a game started but when the game is finished it crashes again.

If I host a game without joining the lobby and someone can join my game using my IP address.


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0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x00007fff6b2584aa __kill + 10
1   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001053f19ab TexCodecDds::decode(unsigned char*, unsigned long, Tex*) const + 427
2   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001053f0523 Tex::decode(std::__1::shared_ptr<unsigned char> const&, unsigned long) + 323
3   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001053bf21f OglTex_reload(OglTex*, std::__1::shared_ptr<IVFS> const&, Path const&, long long) + 111
4   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001053bfd74 h_alloc(H_VTbl*, std::__1::shared_ptr<IVFS> const&, Path const&, unsigned long, ...) + 1268
5   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x0000000105279b62 CTextureManagerImpl::LoadTexture(std::__1::shared_ptr<CTexture> const&, Path const&) + 178
6   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x0000000105278407 CTextureManagerImpl::TryLoadingCached(std::__1::shared_ptr<CTexture> const&) + 183
7   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001052782a9 CTexture::TryLoad() + 105
8   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010527821c CTexture::GetHandle() + 28
9   com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010525947d CShaderProgram::BindTexture(CStrIntern, std::__1::shared_ptr<CTexture>) + 45
10  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001053713a9 GUIRenderer::Draw(GUIRenderer::DrawCalls&, float) + 281
11  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010534b7a0 CGUISpriteInstance::Draw(CRect, int, std::__1::map<CStr8, CGUISprite*, std::__1::less<CStr8>, std::__1::allocator<std::__1::pair<CStr8 const, CGUISprite*> > >&, float) const + 144
12  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010538695c IGUIButtonBehavior::DrawButton(CRect const&, float const&, CGUISpriteInstance&, CGUISpriteInstance&, CGUISpriteInstance&, CGUISpriteInstance&, int) + 316
13  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010532aea7 CButton::Draw() + 887
14  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010537bcaa GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 74
15  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010537bcd1 GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 113
16  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010537bcd1 GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 113
17  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010537bcd1 GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 113
18  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010533838b CGUI::Draw() + 59
19  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x000000010536d049 CGUIManager::Draw() + 169
20  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x00000001051504ba Render() + 522
21  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x0000000104f855a5 RunGameOrAtlas(int, char const**) + 8069
22  com.wildfiregames.0ad         	0x0000000104f83556 main + 54
23  libdyld.dylib                 	0x00007fff6b108015 start + 1

Since it only occurs when joining the gamesetup via lobby but not any other GUI page nor the gamesetup in SP or non-lobby MP, we think its the bubble.png image for the lobby dialog.

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3 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Why that file, and why only on Mac ?

It's the only texture Im aware of that is only loaded in lobby MP gamesetup but not in nonlobby MP gamesetup.

3 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Is Libpng different there ?

Possibly, since it is an independent package.

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7 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

I feel like an idiot now. 24x24 isn't power of two is it ? If it's not that's why it crashes.
I don't think the game handles it correctly. Now as to why it only crashes on mac...


@HMS-Surprise Could you try replacing the image by this one ?


How can I do that? Explain me how or you can access my mac via teamviewer or skype. 

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@HMS-Surprise Can you open the terminal and type pyrogenesis path/modfix.pyromod where path is the place where you downloaded the file ?

Else unzip the following zip in a folder called modfix where the public folder is,

You should have a json and an art folder in that folder after that.

16 minutes ago, elexis said:

In case we want to share mods that don't work, I have one too. hasSameMods() prevents players to join lobby games with different mods. I might upload a working one later.

That's not the point, I just want to see if it' fixes the issue.modfix.zip

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