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Untranslatable Strings

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I just gave the latest release candidate a whirl, and there were quite a number of untranslated strings in it. I did spot checks on Transifex, and the strings are not there. I took screenshots. I'll split this into several posts in order not to have too many images in one post.

Mod Selector


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Loadgame and Host game -> forgot to update messages.json, bad, wondering why there are other translated strings in there, likely stem from other GUI pages

Lobby "test" -> message sent by server, cant be translated

modmod.js:        toggleModButton.caption = listObjectName == "modsDisabledList" ? "Enable" : "Disable"; (not mine)

Looks like a24 fixes to me

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Not really recently, we had issues with that when the SVN/Trac server had issues before the migration to our server. But the fact that those two specific resources stop being updated is definitely a bug on their end.

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