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Wendy banned me in 1v1

JC (naval supremacist)

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she cried for rated 1v1, was losing, banned me, then pretend she was bored .

Witness : fpre,  Chistmas , ChillView



i hate to do this as its doesnt fit with my supreme gentleman manners, but she never stop talk s**t on my honest level skills

Edited by JC (naval supremacist)
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first of all, watch the video and see when i banned him i was full upgraded max population and 10 catas. JC had less population, less resourches and 0 champions alive ( 4 elefents on buildings). JC know he cant win me, all JC plan was to annoy me and make the game take hours till i ll have to leave since i was short on time. 

here is the story, me and JC use to play many 1v1 games and always argues. i always tell him i will not play with him if he keep run in huge maps instead of fighting in 1v1 games.

normal size for 1v1 is huge but i agree to play in Ngorongoro the map he love in normal size the map size he like if he promise to fight and not to lure me and run all over map.

he usualy dont stand his word. i honestly dont know why i keep play with this annoying guy but it has no concern to here. if u think i deserve a punishment for banning this annoying guy from my game then do that.

here's a video what happens when JC play against me in size of 1v1 games when he cant run all map and annoy me with 3 hours game : 

spoiler: i just smash him easy like he was totaly begginer.



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are u telling me that i have to waste my whole day uploading the tons of games i just won u ?      

   In this game,  you knew u gonna lose slowly and the pressure made u want to ban me. I remember you setted the game with the size of the game, you made it rated, etc .. so dare u to ban me ?

As everybody can see (in the  2 files)  your only strategy is to eco boom , then send all  ur army to me and cross your fingers it works ..  if it fails (in most of our games)  you generaly quit the game by saying you are bored ( demonstration in the first file) .   You are getting made because I  "run everywhere"   its  the way to compose with time instead of sending all in deseperation.

We argue coz you are maybe the player who has the highest capacity of lying  with no shame in the lobby even if there were witness. 

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While Wendy might be right in certain points, it is nevertheless forbidden to quit a rated 1v1 game without resigning.
There is no room for such things as "but, in this case, i would have won anyway, bored, had to go" since once we allow that kind of thing, everyone will be claiming this and that.
Even when it is about unsavoury characters, if you accept the responsibility of a rated game, please fulfill expectations.
So Wendy, this incident has been noted and you may be removed - temporarily or permanently - from the service.

This verdict was pronounced without the unanimous consent of the moderator team.You may appeal to another moderator to contest it.

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I'll just leave a comment here to thank you for uploading games for me to watch. So many interesting replays sadly remain unuploaded, and I even tried offering rating points for anyone who posts a good replay. And the commentary was a fun read too.

Wendy had quite a decent army of catapults, it would be a disaster for JC to take the big fight. I think building some more defenses to repel raids and then hitting his main base with most of the army could work. I could feel how the population cap was limiting. Nice game anyway.

On 4/29/2018 at 9:25 AM, Wendy22 said:


One g only please. But the gameplay was better than the spelling.

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While both players are good they have almost the same attitude with JC slightly higher BS superiority complex.

My comment is that if you accept to play the game you should accept the rules and stop making excuses. I’m not referring to Wendy alone but JC too and other players who makes so many excuses this and that. Some are even so rude and rage quit the game.

There are players who wants to play the game but have limited time. That’s OK as long as it’s acceptable to both opposing parties and must accept the rules. The MP game is competition and any player or team will try to do whatever it takes to win. If you don’t have enough playing time it’s either you don’t play or you resign if you can’t beat the opponent without too much BS. But don’t play if it’s a team game. IMO you should have a minimum of 1 hour allowance when playing (esp on team games). 

We have a small group of fun playing players and we just enjoy the game! Too serious is just a very annoying thing on MP games and I/we really don’t like to play with these people except if we need players.


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