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Mercenary mod[art mod]


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Thank you for the invitation! However, my requests are not mercenaries :) Besides, half of them have already been completed by Alexandermb. Anyway, here is the full list again:

  • Maybe combine elements of the following units?
    • Arab javelinist (sele infantry skirmisher)
    • Nabatean camel archer (ptol cavalry [sic] archer)
    • Persian spearbearer (pers infantry spearman)
  • Note: a camel is not a horse. You can actually sit on a dromedary camel with your legs crossed:


  • Libyan/Egyptian chariot archer:
  • biga (two-horse chariot); one driver and one composite bow archer (or javelinist)
  • lighter and nimbler than chariots elsewhere
  • small D-shaped platform, axis at the end
  • six-spoked or four-spoked wheels
  • Carthage and the Persians recruited large contigents of them in Classical times
  • very approximate dimensions (as you can see, my drawing skills are limited):chariot.thumb.jpg.52d59287e8ef47485a47e31ed1617d89.jpg
  • they also formed the core of Bronze Age Egypt's armies; reproductions and specimina preserved in tombs:



  • epigraphical evidence:



  • artist's impressions:




  • modern reenactment:



On second thought, I'd also appreciate cattle and other fauna: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22944-domesticated-animals-livestock-and-other-fauna/ However, those certainly do not have any priority.


To have things clear, is this thread only for visual actor requests, or also for other art? Currently I'm reusing existing icons, however, I certainly wouldn't mind to have a couple of more appropiate portraits, provided they're in the same style as the icons already in the game.

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1 hour ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Which other art you need?

Need, nothing really :) However I could use some unit icons, provided they follow the same style as most existing ones in art/textures/ui/session/portraits/units

It seems the following colour scheme is broadly used (excluding siege weapons and ships):

  • citizens: blue
  • mercenaries: green
  • champions: red
  • heroes: purple

Nice to have would be new icons for:

  • Mauryan battering ram (matching the visual actor Alexandermb designed)
  • Macedonian gastraphetes crossbowman: red
  • Dahae horse archer: blue, green (no armour, just a horse, a man, a composite bow, and a quiver)
  • Carthaginian/Numidian cavalry javelinist: blue, green
  • Celtic cavalry swordsman: blue, green
  • Iberian cavalry swordsman: blue, green


And perhaps someone could also create icons in the same style as the existing ones in art/textures/ui/session/portraits/structures for a few new structures:

  • camel stables
  • chariot stables
  • cavalry stables with the horseshoe pointing upwards (∪ instead of ∩)


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