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Battles in the poverty and the Squalor


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The name is from Spanish "batallas en la inmundicia" the players stars with very low resources, plenty enemies even players vs enviroment.

free for all battles

the objetive is controls the center of the map and steal other players resources.

but the center of this map have plenty of most powerful savage beast. Can be champions or heroes in our case and some beasts.

this map will be based in AoE 2 map by Matakito ( Mayorcete's friend) , I talk about proposition, he is interested.


The battle start 8:20 enjoy



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Matakito ( Mayorcete's) make this map for AoE 2, he plays regularly these days , so I ask him if I can go for this map in 0 A.D he is interested, he is testing the game.

this map is for multiplayer, and consist in "be bad neighbor" stealing resources and bring Gaia hostile units in to the enemy territory, the center is protected by Gaia, but you can use tactics to make your own path or find the way to get with the center.

in Matakito's version the other player build camps and houses in your territory to have gold, in my version this resource is in middle of two player, but like original map the gold mine is small, there are another similar with stone next to gold one.

in Matakito version he puts powerful jaguars and "Iron boar"(700 hp). So I added some hostile War dogs and Hero elephants and plenty enemies, in order to have a imitation of bring enemy Gaia into other players base.

  • you start with female villager and some male slaves.
  • an elephant worker to help you to steal resources.
  • primal resources some far than regular map.( 0 A.D maps)
  • this resources are in the rear.
  • the map symbolize the dirty of a peasant : the poverty. So the setting must be 150 pop and lowest resources at starting.
  • the map is skirmish unlike matakito's version.

Matakito explore the center to bring jaguar to the Mayorcete base, other player do the same and fight against each other.

my first test was 1v1 and take an hour the second test was 2-3 hours free for all 6 players (Ai).





"If you do it that, contact me via Twitter, I have  a couple of weeks testing the 0 A.D and would be interested in the map :D"


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battles in filthy poverty



your empire is surrounded by filthy squalor and mud, while in the center of the map a rich king with mercenaries, and elite units live in absolute abundance, game of treachery and game of thrones, as well as filthy squalor.

lead your empire out of the mud and into the world of marble and gold.

battles in filthy poverty A25.rar

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