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Replaying Old Games


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Hello everyone,

An idea came to my mind recently, when I had finished a battle. I wanted to replay from a certain point after. I don't think this is in the game, and my idea is that through replays, we could select an option "Play from here/Rewind (Or something similiar)". This is not a demand, it's rather a low-profile suggestion for the near or even far future if you are too busy with other stuff. What is your opinion on this, everybody? I would love to know!

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The game time is encoded too, every turn takes 500ms, so if the replay has 2000 turns, it will be 1000 seconds long, which allows replaying the games in the first place. But in order to rewind we also need a lot of memory so that we can do it quickly without waiting 30minutes to compute.

Once the basics of the feature are implemented, we can make it a bit smarter, for example to add savepoints 10 seconds before someone was defeated as that might be a more interesting event.

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