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Some suggestions for 0AD

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Yeah is very hard to manage the dual role, so we are proposed something called "call to the arms", this button can select all military units at once. But no ones care or work on that feature.

I think we should have the function that can choose only soldiers when select all object. How do you think about my first idea?

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i think what nguyenhuukhoinw is asking is why the buildings' architectural style don't change with phase advancement, similar to how they did throughout the AOE series and in some other RTS games. the answer is simple: phase advancement doesn't represent the passage of time like advancing from the Stone Age to the Tool Age in AOE1, it represents the level of sophistication that your faction is going through. iirc, the idea is that you're not playing as a fledgling civilization in an untamed world, you're playing as a colony of that civ far and away from where they're supposed to be (usually)

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actually, oshron, I think a sort of architectural advance isn't strange at all. Where a village mostly has humble and small buildings a rich city has large and nice-looking buildings, more expensive build materials and so on...(for an extreme case, compare a small farming village to a large city like Rome)

However, there are buildings (mostly Wonders) that have no model at all so I figure that there are higher priority tasks around.

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i wasn't saying it was strange, i was explaining why they don't change when you advance from Village to Town to City: it's not a passage of time, just what becomes available to you.

though it WOULD be pretty cool if there were different architectural styles for buildings like houses for each phase, showing which ones were built when. thinking about it, i'm kinda reminded of the city-building portions for a SNES game called ActRaiser, which has each region starting with basic huts but, as they advance through expansion, they get more sophisticated-looking buildings depending on region: the first one gets some log cabins, one set in a desert goes from tents to adobe-like buildings, a Southeast Asia-like region gets elevated bungalows, stuff like that

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Posted · Hidden by leper, August 18, 2015 - sensible reaction to flamebait, still hiding the whole thing
Hidden by leper, August 18, 2015 - sensible reaction to flamebait, still hiding the whole thing

you, Mario

welcome to my ignore list
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