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Can I have access back to the multiplayer game ?

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Dear players,

I'm probably one of the best player ever and lot of people are waiting for me to play with. Lot of players learnt lot thanks to me and my advices.

I share plenty of good ideas and im an active contributor on the forum. I'm getting bored to play against 3,4 or 5 Petra

I apologize TO WRITE in CAPS in the LOBBY !! But forgive is one of the purest action a moderator can do in in his whole life.

For the sake of all, let me play naval again

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Afair writing in caps wasn't the reason; you continously insulted other players ingame with verbal racism and stuff like this. Your skill, well, pure hubris, and no reason at all to unban you. The offer that your father can donate.... guess thats part of your strange humour.

Just my 2 cents ....

greetz, z

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yes , i have strange humour and, thus, never insult anyone. I love people, i make fun of them and fun of myself as some have notice.

I'm sad people dont understand me. We are all @#$% on earth whatever our color, we come from africa. When i say i come from zimbabwean empire, i mean precisely that we are all coming from there and its culture spread all around the world. We are all living in a global village

I listen to rap and its just a common word in that urban culture.

Peace, i will happy to hear your 2 cents in the lobby as well

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yes , i have strange humour and, thus, never insult anyone.

I can't help but question the logic of that sentence ;) Usually having strange humour means you find things funny that others don't. And if they don't they might rather be insulted. So, especially in an indirect way of communication like in text chat, it's usually best to hold back and think about how others might interpret what you write.

I'm sad people dont understand me.

A suggestion might be to try and understand others rather than to be sorry that others don't understand you. If nothing else it's usually easier to make sure others understand what you mean if you understand a bit about how they think and see things.

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From the beginning, the intersist is revealed from the no where drawing from the cursor.
I dont pretend this is obvious but if you look at the hardest point you will swim in it
as I presume. For manys reasons i can front this back up in those, but won't trigger
the whole stuff up on yours. My dad make some barems in the price returning back in the project, and this
for the only reason mentionned above : this project. But now, from whom i can achieve
the whole picture, i cannot figure why the multiplayer game is closed to the best players

Will we speak one day of all those players ?

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