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how buy a powerful computer "with GNU/Linux"

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Windows 8 has a new BIOS "UEFI that developed by Intel", is pretty you can edit it with a GUI, but the UEFI has a new utility "exploter by microsoft" is "secure boot" the secure boot bans uncertfied software and Operating Systems "microsoft signs software" that means that GNU/Linux is blocked!

therfore i have a question: Where is possible buy a powerful desktop computer "Intel I7 proccesor, Nvidia Geforce GPU" with GNU/Linux "at least with windows 7, windows 7 has the ancient hard but unlocked BIOS"

is it possible???

and if it is possible, where?

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A good thing to do before buying any computers if it will be running Linux is to do "computer model + linux" in google. Usually you can already have a pretty good feedback from it.

You really only have to do this for Lap-Tops as they usually have the most custom hardware for which the Linux drivers get spotty as the manufacturer doesn't provide any data to the kernel wizards.The main-board makers have been much more forthcoming in the last couple of years,most of them use Linux in the design stage they don't like paying the M$ tax any more then we do ;)

Enjoy the Choice :)

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