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I'm working in the storehouse, but I'm afraid I'll have to abuse your workforce once again... I noticed I have made some really stupid mistakes when desiging the house set. I made all of them lacking windows and those small logs supporting the roof's façade. And with house 1 I made the mistake of placing the little storage thingy in the side it would be hidden from the player's normal playing angle. I'm posting an illustrative concept showing all the differences, so if you can change some props according to this I'd be veeery thankful :angel:


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Might be somewhat tricky to already start on special (sortof) buildings if we don't know what the gameplay is going to be... (I figure though that a Fortress / Castle would be some kind of Motte and Baily) So it could be an idea to come up with references and draw the standard Saxon buildings (house + blacksmith etc)

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(Already posted in the PM, I'm posting it here so that others can read it too.) :)

"Týr is a god of war and will take mead, meat and blood for sacrifice. If a warrior carved the rune Tîwaz on his weapon he would be dedicating it to Týr and strengthen the outcome of a battle to be in his favor. After a warrior has dedicated his weapon to Týr he should not lose it or break it."

Interesting, but I'm not sure if it is credible, those lines are taken from the Wikipedia entry on Tyr.

I thought we could use it for shield patterns.

Also, here's an article explaining the meaning behind Lagertha's shield symbol in Vikings


It is written on the bottom part that, the shield symbolizes a tree and the rune Fe.

Largertha's shield pattern looks like an "inverted tree" and if you try to read the wikipedia entry on the Tiwaz rune, the usage section describes something about multiple or stacked tiwaz runes (A tiwaz rune looks exactly like an arrow point, facing upwards, and stacking it together forms a symbol that looks like a tree)

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