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IMPORTANT: Alpha 13 Road Map


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Alpha 13 is the "debut" of the Mauryan faction for the game. We're kind of behind on these guys, so we're going to have to kick it into high gear in order to make the Alpha 13 deadline (late February? early April?).

Mauryan Buildings

The Mauryan buildings have been getting work done on them, but problematically in Sketchup, which doesn't seem to be able to export compatible Collada files (they need tons of cleanup work). However, the work of LordGood and others has not been in vain, as they do provide great references and proofs of concept for Blender/3DS Max artists to emulate, and some of the exported files can be cleaned up well enough.

Standard Buildings:

Civic Centre

Enrique's on it. Has a great start.DONE!


Let's get these done. Very simple small houses, the size they are currently in the game (about the size of an Iberian or Briton house).DONE!


LordGood's temple is nearly done. Let's see if the model can be salvaged when imported. If not, it still serves as an excellent proof of concept.DONE!


Fantastic direction established by LordGood. Design complete. Now to get it into the game. DONE!

Mill & Farmstead Pureon

A couple of decent sketches from a couple of artists. Still not close to being finalized.


LordGood's Sketchup model is great. Let's either get it into the game or use it as the basis for a Blender model.DONE!

Walls, Gates, Wall Tower Pureon or Enrique

We have a good direction established. Let's see if we can get them into the game.


Again, LordGood has a good direction. Let's build on it. DONE!

Special Structures:

Elephant Stables

The design is nearly complete. I think everything will need to be made taller for proper scaling with elephants.DONE!

Stupa Wonder & Pillar of Ashoka Special Building Enrique

Some good stuff happening here. Let's see if LordGood's model here can be salvaged. DONE!

Mauryan Units

VERY Important: Asian Elephant Zaggy and Enrique

The current one either needs rigged, propped, and animated, or a new one modeled (done) (and rigged propped and animated) if the current model is inadequate.


Chariots Enrique?

Seem to be mostly done. Just need to get the hero textures done for the hero rider.

Head Gear Pureon

Turbans, jewelry, etc. for the various units in the game.


Ships - Fishing Boat, Merchant Ship, Light Warship, Medium Warship Ndragu & Paperkat

We're really far behind here, since we don't have very good reference images, I'm afraid.

Ox Cart Trader Gen.Kenobi

Need some oxen modeled, textured, and animated, and a cart for them.

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Remaining To-Do for mauryans:

-Docks (I'm currently working on them with LordGood concept)

-Ships (I think Amish was going to make one ship)

-Walls/Gate (concepts already done by LordGood)

-Market (I think LordGood concept is too big, I have some stalls already modeled)

-Farmstead (Pureon took this one)

-Corral (Pureon is on it)

-Asian elephant (Zaggy requested some changes on the model for animating)

-Ox trader (Gen.Kenobi is on the texturing/animating process)

-Head Gear & hero textures

-Wonder / pillar

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I know Zaggy doesn't likes much using the forums, but it would really help me a lot if he could finish his Animating Tutorial :P

I'm had several dificulties in the past while trying to add in a new rig. (Maybe that was because it was a new skeleton rig? I don't know, some more documentation on that would be really awesome.)

Someone could ask him over IRC? I'm not home atm, but I would love to resume the ox as soon as I get home.

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