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===[COMMITTED]=== Mauryan Barracks

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got a goofy little broken texture on that second barracks but that probably wont show outside of the renderer thanks man, that could help me out a lot

Isn't that hut attached to the side a bit awry?

Commited both variations. Feel free to ask changes on texturing.

Posted Images

I think the inner courtyard / atrium needs to be more lively...e.g. through adding some barrels or something else... but you probably had that in your mind already. But apart from that it looks great! Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to see it finished one day. ;)

edit: As it should be a barrack, I think weapons, shields or some sort of armor might fit better than barrels :)

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This is a picture of WIP Mauryan barracks I am making using Enrique's wonderful textures. Needs a little bit more UV mapping and addition of props (which should be made. especially shields)


Suggestions are welcome :)

Nice start man! The layout looks good, but the barrel-roof looks a too big right now in compared with the building's size.

By the way, those awesome textures are made by Eggbird, not by me :P and they're are wonderful indeed :)

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Yep, Amish's example is a better layout. I'd even add another leg for a U shape, with a wall in front and entrance.

Another thing is I should point out, only the larger buildings should be stone. All other smaller buildings, like houses and mill and farmstead and such should be the wooden/white plaster look. (y)

As far as shields go, a full set of shields for units need to be modeled and textured first before folks start adding shields as props to buildings. :)

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I was thinking something more along this line for the barracks...it needs to look grand imo :)


That's beautiful...

I just want to say try to use thinner arches for this period. Not so much of the thick ones, because it's a later style. But If you guys choose not to, that's ok.

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I may not be explaining it right, but these 'thick' arch designs are from later dynasties.(Mauryan's successors)


Here is an example of 'thin' ones below. Rock cut directly from the Mauryan period. Not from their successors.


reliefs from their successors. Still used the design from time to time.




The top arches are thinner, bottom arches are thicker.


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There is an image like this showing the different arch types on the internet. Showing the different designs in different dates like with the stupas above. It would make sense to you guys If I can find it.


Mauryans had a thin design like this mostly. The earliest form.

Later these archs evolved and became more elaborate and thick.




these arches above are Gupta period I believe.


Good example

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