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===[COMMITTED]=== Updating the Greek Structures


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I've had a look through the blend file and here are a few things I've spotted:

- Transformations need applying on most objects. These cause errors in lighting


- The main structure has UVs outside of the UV map. I didn't check the other objects

- No foundations. Please add :)

- Normals facing the wrong way in a few places. Recalculating doesn't fix it properly so you'll have to manually flip them. Here you can see it on the inside wall and door frame.


- A number of ploys are intersecting others. Also check windows on main structure


- Multiple polys where only 1 is needed. Also remove doubles to make the structure 'whole' - this helps lighting. I've dragged the mesh away here to show that it's not attached to the left bit:


- Bits of the old wall colour still appear in a few locations. You might want to make it look like the wall continues through the door frames:


- Strokes and thin polys. These need removing/cleaning


Hope that's helpful :)

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Looks awesome, but you may want to try and work in some team colors.

Done! Added some playercolor at the base of the columns. It also has playercolor on the ships, but it is not very clear on the screens ^^

Enrique the Theatron is all yours (y)

Here is some work in progress screens. Suggestions and critics are welcome!



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Excellent work on the dock and theatron! My only criticism is scale. I think the size of the seats/steps don't quite correspond to the main building. More importantly the center stage should be much bigger (even if their are less rows of seats/steps). But it is only a WIP as you say, and these things are easy to fix. Keep up the good work!

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@Enrique: Don't you feel that the greek structures in general needs some color? What about we add some bushes like you did for the roman-set?

Yes, they look definitely too monochrome. It was a revamp process and I refused to work on new textures (I'm too slow at it also), but I think more texture variation is obviously needed.

I'll make some changes to the theatron as suggested by Sonarpulse and modify/add textures in the process.

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