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New great idea concerning the metagame


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0AD start with primitive concept, and finish it spectacular.

I might express concerns, but I'm pretty confident Wild Fire Games makes it into a very high quality (it is already) great game.

The beast whys is or Paradox or Civilization , the basic idea is have the better from both. tbs and Rts. Carding game only gives some more tactical like Ron.

Never heard of Paradox. Civilization of course. But never played any of those games. The only game with a "tactical" map I've played is Lords of the Realms 2, but that game is nothing special. (though it had some cool things, the characters I loved)

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But is more complex than a match gameplay. That because the micromanagement. And I suggest play a Paradox game. Is very complex and difficult. I try to play that Seven Kingdoms but , can I play that game run in Win XP or 7?

So far, I've found that Seven Kingdoms 2 at least works in everything windows, but nothing else. Seven Kindoms AA isopensource now so it might run on linux as well. I've got it running on windows 7 and XP. Tho the original game was buggy on XP.

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personally, i think there should be two different types of campaign mode: one which has Total War-style gameplay, and another more like traditional RTS campaigns, along the lines of what was presented in AOK, with a linear storyline and setup to tell the story of a historical character or setting (such as, for instance, an Alexander Campaign focusing on Alexander the Great's rise to power, the Siege of Tyre, the conquest of Persia, and all the way up to the attempts at conquering India and, perhaps at the very end, giving the player a non-linear option to choose one of the Diadochi to play as after the scenario starts and getting different goals as a result (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest had this in the last level of their Roman Campaign, where you could choose to side with either Cleopatra or Ptolemy and would therefore have to conquer either Alexandria or several fortresses in the desert; in-game, this was done by selecting a Diplomat unit controlled by the respective parties, which prompts a couple of tigers belonging to Caesar to devour him and turn that AI player against you :P)

arguably, a linear campaign would be easier to design and manage, and has been the mainstay single-player mode of pretty much every well-known RTS in the past

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