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  1. Hey sry, I forgot about this issue or something, just found it while browsing my content. This may not have been a problem with 0AD. from what I can tell now it's actually yet another wonderful bug with Active Process Killer, which is supposed to only kill the active process when you hold shift+pause. Sry bout that.
  2. If we can do tasking, lets make it a garrison thing.....it'd suck to have all of your tasked units either walk off to battle or get otherwise killed whenever a troop passes by. If we just count the tasking like a garrison bonus it'll be easier to manage. Also, garrisoned units take less memory i believe. As to wood 'farming' I've already created a wood farm, all it really needs is a model that represents a grove of trees. Tho it would be nice if they grew wood similar to AoE's sheep, we could just set their build time to be very long, and possibly change the build animation for just them to be more like trees growing out of the ground. My stone and gold farms on the other hand really make no sense.
  3. We don't already have secondary attack? My chaos units are capable of both ranged and melee.......but I do get errors on melee, prolly cuz the units themselves are archers and don't have knives to stab with....
  4. Umm what would the point be in the prison? Would players get combat bonuses for having POW's? Cuz if all they do is sit there being useless I'd rather just kill them.
  5. So far, I've found that Seven Kingdoms 2 at least works in everything windows, but nothing else. Seven Kindoms AA isopensource now so it might run on linux as well. I've got it running on windows 7 and XP. Tho the original game was buggy on XP.
  6. Your spies don't have to be very high level to assassinate if there's 15 of them. Tho bribery is still tricky. And if you're playing that game I'll give ya a hint: bribe all heros, place them next to a inn, quickly convert them to independent and put them inside the inn. Now sell the inn and wait to recieve a new hero of the same type with different stats. It's basically infinite heros.
  7. I don't play the alphas so I can't really tell you. If I knew of a way to use the svn patches with the alpha builds so I could Easily put my chaos units in I'd give it a shot.......I hate dying every few minutes.... Edit: since the latest update requires a rebuild, and I'm a slacker with time to kill, I'm in the process of putting my units in mod form for the alpha build. I'll let yall know what I find out. Edit 2: I found out that they don't work with the older alpha.
  8. Game loads up fine but when I try to start a map I get this in the program error window: Function call failed: return value was -110101 (VFS file not found) Location: vfs.cpp:87 (VFS::GetFileInfo) Call stack: (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = 0 (no error code was set) If I suppress through it none of the trees, buildings, units, etc. load.
  9. I really don't know what that means. I might be able to if you can explain the question in more detail.
  10. None of them were locked, but all of them were closed. The units get confused when there's only one gate to choose from too.....sorta walk back and forth in front of it.
  11. Has anyone else noticed units having difficulty with gates lately? Mine seem to not know where the gate is half the time, on my last game I had the entire wall full of gates, and my units specifically walked AROUND the one directly in front of them to get to one a few gates to the left. Err, SVN natch.
  12. Yup, that works. On a more helpful to the actual project note, this can be used to disable blacksmiths for civs that shouldn't have them without changing inheritance. Although I'm not sure if it would be easier than removing the entry from template_unit_infantry and then adding it to the units that should have it as you'd still need to add -structures/{civ}_blacksmith to every unit that shouldn't have it.
  13. Since, we use a inheritance system, with a couple of levels of inheritance I quickly run out of room for new buildings. Does anyone know of a way to disable particular units or buildings in the template so I can have more room for the new buildings? If not, is there a way to disable all of the buildings and then just add the ones i want? Without having to change the unit's entire inheritance?
  14. It's not news to me, AA was the predecessor to the greatest game of all time, Seven Kingdoms 2. There's also that buggy abomination seven kingdoms conquest, which is only a successor in name, kinda like the final fantasy "series". AA is pretty fun, but kinda buggy as it was designed for dos I believe. Edit: Actually, having read more of your post I noticed that you didn't know that this game was in fact open source now. Here's the link : http://www.7kfans.co...ex.php/Download
  15. you can use the following lines within their melee attack bracket to enable them to only attack walls, buildings, and seige weapons. <PreferredClasses datatype="tokens">Wall Structure Siege</PreferredClasses> <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">Infantry Cavalry Support Organic</RestrictedClasses> and if you add the following to the <identity> bracket in "template_unit_mechanical_siege_ram" you should be able to change the "Siege" to "SiegeRam" so they only attack walls, buildings and rams. <Classes datatype="tokens">SiegeRam</Classes> This should all work, unless of course the ram is buggy like the siege elephant is. Just make sure you put everything in the right place and whatnot.
  16. It'd work well in practice too, a battering ram is similar in function to a tank, it's meant to be nearly impervious to arrows, and decent against swords......it's basically a rolling house afterall. But another ram would tear it apart. In all honesty a ram would also destroy any infantry or cavalry that make the mistake of standing directly in front of it. In practice however infantry and cavalry don't tend to stand directly in front of an oncoming ram, so having our rams able to attack them is impractical.
  17. What men? The elderly? I'm pretty sure if they were able bodied they were the ones going to war. I don't think they'd have much choice in that unless they were craftsmen.
  18. animals are gaia, so if gaia was an ally then you couldn't hunt them. And you likely couldn't harvest trees or other resources either.
  19. Perhaps we could get a bigger cue that our towns are under attack? I was just out micromanging my psycho hunting team on insane speed and when i went to go back to my CC to build some different units I realized my CC and all my other teams near it were gone. No warning whatsoever.
  20. Ticket Created : http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1985 Hmmm, until that's done, could a full unit type handle garrison attack capability or unit building? My tower o' doom is pretty much a mobile command base. Could make an elephant o' doom I suppose. Or a PF-51 Mustang O' Doom? hmmmmm. Edit: do the elephants somehow use the building AI? I just added restrictions to my amped versions of the Mauryan war elephants and they completely ignored them and went about attacking the civies once the buildings were knocked down. Edit 2: I'll have to test it on other unit types to be really sure, but so far it looks as if the AI needs work in reference to this. My elephants obey the restrictions fine only so long as they're in standground stance. Once I put them in violent, aggressive, or defensive they ignore the restrictions and target everything. But then since they're in stand ground and they're melee they couldn't attack anything anyhow unless it walked into them. Could it have something to do with them being allowed to attack walls by default? I've never found what controls that.
  21. Hmmm, didn't get errors this time, probably entered it wrong last time. Still, it doesn't work the way I want. It might not be attacking the support units with it's main attack but it's definitely firing off a million garrison arrows at them so I can't really tell if it's working or not. I'll try that on my archers and see if it works there. Also, I forget just what civ's ram it is, possibly Persians, but the one that has a beam that goes up and down still auto attacks all types of units, at least when it's in the hands of the AI players. Edit : It works for the archers, but still doesn't work for the towers garrison attack. Still, very useful for controlling my victims military capability. Edit 2: Nope doesn't even work for the tower's regular un-garrisoned attack
  22. You really should, it's great being on the bleeding edge of development. Sure ya get some horrible bugs from time to time but you can report them, which helps the project.
  23. Seems fixed to me, I'll let you know if I see it again. Tho I believe fexor didn't mean mobile units but moving units, units that are actually in movement and not units that are standing still. That would allow you to guard your gates with defensive stanced melee infantry.
  24. Actually, in this case, I just want my siege tower to only attack military units and let economy units just walk right by. With the preferred classes it attacks the military units first, but then goes on to attack the economy units once the military ones are all dead. I also want it to not attack walls because I like to try to salvage the walls in the fortress maps so I can build my new base inside them. Allowing the economy units to live weakens their military in that they can't build many new military units when they've got 200 plus gatherers.
  25. I should probably mention that it happens with palisade gates as well as the stone wall ones.
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