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Mini Factions idea


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My bad, I made an inaccurate statement. I'm well aware the ruling class was not Persian indeed, they were a nomadic people from the Mongolian steppes. But the people were the same which the Achamenids had ruled, and the Seleucid ones after them. Persian. The Sassanid was the first true Persian line of kings since the Achamenids (which were half-Mede if I recall correctly).

Never mind, everyone makes mistakes including me myself once believe that Parthians are Persians too.

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speaking of numidians, i'd say the first options for minor factions would be ones that are already represented in the game to some extent, like the Thracians, for instance, or the peoples represented with the Carthaginians' mercenary units

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I really like this idea.

You can put some houses, barracks, a "techonlogy building" (a temple, for example), perhaps a dock if they are near the sea, and the slot for the "control building" (an outpost or smthng).

Some suggested mini-civs:









-Umbrians (?)



















--Middle eastern--


--Indogangetic valley--

I´ll add the other mini civs later.

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